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Alex Jones Bullshit

June 2020

Infowars Claim George Floyd Funeral “Satanic Black Magic Ritual”

October Surprise 2016

The Strange Relationship of Infowars’ Alex Jones, Donald Trump and Roger Stone – An apocryphal tale of what might happen when three narcissists – one with a platform, one with a grudge and one who is more familliar with Mein Kampf than the bible – collude to takeover Federal America (External Link)

February 2017

November 2017

September 2015 Broadcast Accuses Infowars’ Alex Jones of Being a Russian Spy (VIDEO)

September 2017

Infowars’ Alex Jones Reverses Stance on Militarized Police Vehicles

October 2017

Ex-Employees of Infowars Expose Alex Jones as a Dangerous Fraud (Video)

October 2017

Exclusive: How Trump Russia Stole Twitter – In the age of smartphones, everyone has become a potential intelligence target

October 2017

Infowars Invert Reality to Push False Las Vegas Gunman Narratives

November 2017

Infowars’ Alex Jones Suggests Pedophilia is a Nursing Home Plan for Men In Alabama

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