Youtube Ban Channel for Exposing infowars’ Alex Jones Over January 6 Complicity

The Youtube channel has been banned by Youtube.


The Youtube channel has been banned by Youtube.

The channel used clips of Jones material, repurposed to expose Alex Jones and infowars complicity in the events that culminated in the insurrection at the Capitol on January 6, 2021.

This makes comparably more banned than infowars itself.

No reason has been given by Youtube for taking the channel down, hence, it can only be speculated on the reason why.

However, following’s expose of infowars’, Alex Jones and Owen Shroyers calls for insurrection at the United States Capitol building, Jones has been subpoenad to appear in front of the January 6 committee, and Shroyer has been arrested.

Ban or no ban, can proudly say:


Now, it’s up to the others!


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