Alt-Right Lurch for New UK Broadcaster Ends in Disaster

But the consequences of Brexit are slowly becoming clear.  Supermarket shelves are becoming empty due to a catastrophic supply-chain breakdown.

It Couldn't Happen Here


A brand-new national UK news channel has lost its big-name anchor after the resignation of Andrew Neil, its lead presenter and chairman.

GB News, which first went live on June 13th 2021, has been battered by numerous disasters since the first day of broadcast.

Despite technical problems, things seemed hopeful at the outset, but it didn’t take long for things to sour:

“336,000 viewers tuned in to see the launch of GB News. A month after its launch, its daily viewership of just over 1 million trailed Sky News’ 2.5 to 3 million viewers.

Audience figures subsequently fell dramatically, and on 14 July, audience figures dropped so low they were reported as zero by the ratings measurement board BARB at least twice on the day, attributed to regular viewers boycotting the station after one of its presenters, Guto Harri, took a knee on-air in solidarity with the England football team.”

Andrew Neil’s resignation from GB News was reported at as follows:

“The ex-BBC host was the face of GB News before it went on air in June but has left after presenting just eight programmes in three months. He was unhappy with technical mistakes, the loss of top staff and its political direction.

In the end Neil was outmanoeuvred by the former Ukip leader Nigel Farage, who is now the channel’s best-known figure, along with a number of more stridently right-wing hires keen to address culture war issues.”

Farage was added to the roster of GB News pundits one week after launch and stepped up when Neil became absent.

But the consequences of Brexit are slowly becoming clear.  Supermarket shelves are becoming empty due to a catastrophic supply-chain breakdown. The cause is a mass exodus from the U.K. of Eastern-European lorry drivers who left the country following Britain’s exit from Europe, and Britain’s Brexit bonus has failed to materialise for most of the population.

Nigel Farage’s popularity has taken a dive in line with his GB News viewing figures.

Nigel could, of course, attempt to further his goal of polar factionalism, finding anyone else to blame for GB News’ and his problems, preferably foreign and lefty.

However, the pesky British broadcasting rules insist on impartiality (to a degree) for national broadcasters, preventing the culture-war hate-fest GB News has been itching to foist on the UK public.

Safe to assume we will soon be being told by the politically informed soccer thug, that the UK broadcasting regulator, Ofcom, is a culturally Marxist operation in cahoots with the BBC, the New World Order and al-Qaeda.

Aye, vile indeed!

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