January 6 Committee Confirms rebelinfo.com Suspicions of Wider Insurrection Conspiracy

It didn’t take long after the publishing of the first article and audio clip of the rebelinfo.com series, for the House January 6 committee to start confirming the need for greater scrutiny into the events and suspicious actions of a number of players in the days leading up to January 6

It Couldn't Happen Here
Sun Trine Moon

To get up to speed on the story so far, listen to the first full-length episode of the rebelinfo.com podcast

The rebelinfo.com January 6 Coincidence:

Are higher powers at work?

United States House Select Committee on the January 6 Attack, has confirmed suspicions first written and heard in a series of articles and recordings at rebelinfo.com beginning on August 21st 2021.

The series of articles follows the words and actions of infowars’ Alex Jones, his sidekick Owen Shroyer, Michael Flynn, and the totally innocent Roger Stone in December 2020 to early January 2021, and the days leading up to the January 6 Insurrection.

It didn’t take long after the publishing of the first article and audio clip of the rebelinfo.com series, for the House January 6 committee to start confirming the need for greater scrutiny into the events and suspicious actions of a number of players in the days leading up to January 6.

On Wednesday September 1 2021, the headline at theguardian.com was “Capitol riot inquiry to investigate whether Trump’s White House was involved in attack.” The article went on to explain:

“The expansion of the dragnet to include 5 January is significant the source said, since it raises the specter of the committee prying open a window into what Trump and his top allies were doing the day before the Capitol attack.”

So just eleven days after our first article, we see signs that the lawmakers are willing to investigate more suspicious words and behaviour from more of Trumps wingmen and sycophants (one not ruling out the possibility of being the other too.)

Article continues below photograph…..

Techniques of Persuasion – From Propaganda to Brainwashing by J.A.C. Brown

The rebelinfo.com January 6 Coincidence:

rebelinfo.com, future news today

Even more amazing was the sudden action that President Biden performed within an even shorter timespan from release of another rebelinfo.com article.

On September 2 2021, we explained “Why Alleged (January 6) Plotters Could Walk Free.”

Using history as our guide, we pointed out the similarities between the shenanigans of Michael Flynn, Alex Jones and his sidekick, Owen Shroyer (oh yeah, and don’t forget the innocent guy, Roger “I’m not in control of anything while I’m flying” Stone) in the lead up to January 6 2021, and the events known as The Business Plot in 1930’s USA.

The Business Plot was a conspiracy launched by numerous wealthy businessmen to overthrow the government of Franklin D. Roosevelt and install a fascist dictator in his place.  These businessmen had looked across the waters to Germany and thought Hitler really had something going on they should try out.

In the article we also explained, that if Michael Flynn believed he could get Trump to declare martial law and re-run the election in the states he narrowly lost, he must also have believed he had enough support in the military ranks to pull it off.

Sure enough, in the early hours of September 9 2021, theguardian.com reported “White House asks Sean Spicer and Kellyanne Conway to quit military academy boards, video.

An accompanying article published later that day advised:

“The Biden administration has removed 18 Trump appointees to military service academy boards, among them the former press secretary Sean Spicer and adviser Kellyanne Conway.

Jen Psaki, the White House press secretary, said: “The president’s objective is what any president’s objective is, to ensure you have nominees and people serving on these boards who are qualified to serve on them and who are aligned with your values.

Associated Press reported on Thursday that the 18 appointees, who also include Trump’s former national security adviser HR McMaster and Office of Management and Budget director Russell Vought, had been removed.”

So now we have two separate events in an incredibly short period of time confirming the thoughts of writers at rebelinfo.com that were published just days before.

You could almost be forgiven for thinking we are psychic here at rebelinfo.

But here’s the thing, when you start looking for events that confirm your suspicions, you’ll likely start to see them everywhere.

You can end up conflating every half-connected fact with your ideas, theories, and suspicions. 

That’s when you start to see “them” and “they” everywhere.

And depending on how informed and practiced in reasoning your friends are, you can probably get your friends to believe the same sort of things you do.

Hell, if you are really brazened, you could start a radio show and force feed people the same baloney day after day, week after week and year after year, playing to your audiences worst fears, and stoking their pet hatreds, and get them believing in all sorts of half and even non-connected facts to prove your worldview.

If you have an impeccable work ethic and messianic zeal, you could probably get millions of people to believe the same things you profess to.

“He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.” – Nietzsche (Beyond Good and Evil: Prelude to a Philosophy of the Future (1886), Chapter IV

Just like Alex Jones.

Don’t be Alex Jones.

And then what will you do with the monster you created?

Jonestown anyone?

Let’s see where this goes!

rebelinfo.com, The News That Knows

Alex Jones In Wonderland Part 3 – Owen Shroyer: Qanonce

It is now December 22nd 2020 and it seems likely that Shroyer has been force fed legal advice within the last 24 hours after his sedititious outburst on last nights episode.

Photo: Paulo Wolfovitz Bombay Roll B2 Aleister Crowley Eye Spunk Nuclear Bomber

Good Evening/Morning/Tardes,

Make yourself at home, get yourself a drink and pull up a chair.

You may remember, in our last episode, Owen Shroyer had called for the taking of all state capitols by force.

It is now December 22nd 2020 and it seems likely that Shroyer has been force fed legal advice within the last 24 hours after his, at the least, seditious outburst on last nights episode.

Alex Jones doctors have seen to Shroyer and given him a combination of drugs to sedate him.

But have they read the insert?

What could possibly go wrong?

And where has the archive of Alex Jones radio brodcasts from Christmas/New Year 2020/21 gone to?

These are all questions to ponder as you listen to the next episode of Alex Jones In Wonderland – Part 3 – Owen Shroyer:Qanonce

Alex Jones In Wonderland Part 2 – Shroyer Stokes The Insurrection

“Terrorism is the threat of force, or actually carrying out force, for a political or financial reason – it’s basically scaring the hell out of people until you submit to them.”

It Couldn't Happen Here
Sun Trine Moon

You can listen to the first episode of Alex Jones In Wonderland here

Listen at the bottom of the page:

We continue the story of how Alex Jones and his sidekicks (including Owen Shroyer, who was charged on Friday August 20th, 2021, in connection with the Jan. 6 riots at the US Capitol) lit the fuse which exploded into the January 6 capitol insurrection at Washington D.C.

In our story, it is now December 21, 2020. Shroyer, who is standing in for Alex Jones, warms up with multiple chunks of misinformation about the Covid pandemic, including a puerile section with Jones in which they accuse Dr Fauci of castrating Santa Claus and telling the audience the Covid vaccine “eats the placenta” and makes women infertile.

A pre-recorded clip features Alex Jones defining the term terrorism as follows:

“Terrorism is the threat of force, or actually carrying out force, for a political or financial reason – it’s basically scaring the hell out of people until you submit to them.”

Later in the show, Shroyer reports on a live feed from Oregon, where right-wing protesters are attempting to take the capitol building by force.

Shroyer tells the audience he is in the Christmas spirit and then goes on to call on as many people as possible to go to the state capitol building of Oregon to help take over the building by force.

He tells the police, who he says “make him sick” that they need to “stand down” and “get out of the way” and let the protesters take over the building.

He then calls for supporters to take over the capitol building of every state in the USA by force.

Owen Shroyer calls for revolution on numerous occasions and he states that he doesn’t see any other way forward than doing it by force.

Now, lets remember Jones dictionary definition of terrorism:

“Terrorism is the threat of force, or actually carrying out force, for a political or financial reason – it’s basically scaring the hell out of people until you submit to them.”

One would have to say, that Jones definition of terrorism is earily similar to Shroyers calls for the police to stand down and get out of the way and his order to his supporters to take all U.S. capitol buildings by force.

If anyone is in any doubt as to what fueled the insurrection of January 6 2021, they really need look no further than this infowars broadcast.

Listen to the clips below:

Infowars Claim George Floyd Funeral “Satanic Black Magic Ritual”

On Wednesday June 10th on his War Room Infowars Show, Fratboy Shroyer didn’t hesitate for a moment to get straight into fear whoring by using Alex Jones favorite snake oil routine

Yup. It’s infowars time again folks.

This time it’s the return of ridiculous fratboy and Alex Jones boot licker, Owen Shroyer, who’s pushing theories so repugnant and offensive, if there is a god, he’ll no doubt be struck down.

And if there isn’t and karma exists, make no mistake, some nasty heavy shit is headed his way.

May he live in interesting times.

Owen Shroyer and Alex Jones Together
Shroyer – He’s even a bad smell under Alex Jones nose

So what has Shroyer – whose pathetic, wankboy Trump tattoo positioned square on his back, suggests he’s trying to channel the spirit of Roger Stone before he is even dead – done to offend most peoples’ intelligence and sense of decency?

On Wednesday June 10th on his War Room Infowars Show, Fratboy Shroyer didn’t hesitate for a moment to get straight into fear whoring by using Alex Jones favorite snake oil routine. Shroyer informed his audience that between now and the November 2020 election, a panic worse than the onset of the “fake pandemic” (yup) when food supplies ran low and toilet paper ran out would occur.

This, of course, means folk need to stock up on emergency food supplies and where better to do so than the infowars store?

For the uninitated, the snake oil sales routine introduces a problem that doesn’t exist but may sound plausible to the audience, however deluded, and then introduces a cure which makes the mark feel like they’ve overcome the dilemma or malady.

Listen to the audio clip below and hear for yourself…….

And of course, Shroyer can’t resist the opportunity to encourage believers to stock up, nay double up on “ammo.” Got to be ready for the inevitable Jim Jones, Apocalypse Now, self-immolation finale to the biggest experiment in brainwashing yet conceived:

Thee Master Magickians Ov Bar Snooker Are Coming

Sick fuck. However you sleep, sleep not well.

Shroyer’s main event though, was about as low as he has ever gone.

Shoyer introduces his “piece” on the George Floyd funeral by saying he was so amazed by the “hilarity” of it that he missed something obvious.

And what was that obvious thing that he missed?

Why, of course, he missed the fact that the casket of Floyd was empty (there is no way of telling this from the video) which of course means that the whole funeral was “Black Satanic Magick.”

Listen to the audio clip below….

Floyd Funeral “Black Satanic Magic”


As if Trumps’ “Great Day For George” insult was not enough, Shroyer has to try and please his master by pushing the sickness even further.

Is there no length this sick idiot will not go to try and impress Alex Jones for a pat on the head and who knows what else?

It should be noted that as infowars have been dialling up the satanic panic over the last week or so, many christian online publications have been even more full than usual of details of Satans’ current work in the United States.

It seems like, in fact, these people know Satan better than they know themselves.

It’s not Satan of course. These poor individuals are just being enveloped by their shadow self which consists of all the hatred and dark repressed experience and desires they project onto others but act out themselves.

If you are just such a “god fearing person” read up on the story of Jim Jones. Because you are now approaching your final chapter.

And there ain’t no tribulation.

“Those who do not remember their past…..”

Be seeing you!

Infowars’ Alex Jones Suggests Pedophilia is a Nursing Home Plan for Men In Alabama

Infowars’ Alex Jones appears to be saying that hanging around shopping malls and molesting underage girls is part of a rich Southern tradition

Lost It
Alex Jones – Self-professed “ugly human centipede”

***Watch the clip below before Infowars take it down.  Exchange starts at 48 minutes and 43 seconds***

Even before Roy Moore lost his Alabama Senate race to a Democrat last night – and well before Alex Jones hot-footed it out of his Central Texas Infowars Command Center and left Owen Shroyer to wet his own bed when he realised how hated himself, Infowars, Donald Trump, Steve Bannon, and of course, Roy Moore are, even in Alabama, whilst Jones hid behind his sofa – Jones and Shroyer were in the midst of an epic meltdown which amongst other things included the craziest and probably sickest defense of Roy Moore’s alleged molesting of young girls you’ve heard.

But before we got there, there were inklings that Jones was turning the crazy dial up to eleven and was about to say something beyond the pale.  Jones warmed up for his meltdown by telling his audience:

“I’m psychically connected to god.  I’m like an ugly centipede just crawling towards god.  If we don’t take control of the country and the world Owen, evil will.”

The ugly centipede, shortly afterward, launched into a defense of Moore’s alleged molestation of fourteen-year-olds by asserting:

“I’ll be honest, I know about super deep Southern culture, it’s almost like the Muslims with arranged marriage, they do nine-year-olds, they do 16 (year olds)  in Alabama, it’s just an anthropological psychological view, you don’t want your 17yr old daughter to marry some drug addict guy, you want to shop ‘em around.

And in the old days all the rich thirty-year-olds, they were so honorable, your daughter could go out with them, go out to eat, meet ‘em, see who your daughter liked, these are the rich guys in the town, you’re hoping your daughter gets with them.  And so Roy Moore did all that, then they took a bunch of women lied about it, fake, fake signature things, things that didn’t happen, they used the fact that this is so old-fashioned to spin this whole deal.”

Ugly Centipede
Bootlicker Shroyer wonders where else his tongue could go

Then Jones’ ridiculous boot licker frat boy, Owen Shroyer chimed in:

“I mean it’s not just old-fashioned it’s also basic psychology.  Most women are ready to have children a lot earlier than men.  Most men are usually more interested when they are older. (Older) men are attracted to younger women.”

To which Jones replied:

“Your nursing home plan is your wife you get in the south.”

So let’s break that down.

Jones appears to be saying that hanging around shopping malls and molesting underage girls is part of a rich Southern tradition, kind of like what some Muslims do (citation required).

And Shroyer is appearing to say that is ok to hang around shopping malls and indulge in pedophile behavior because, according to him, “women” are ready to have children younger than most men and older men are attracted to underage women (to clarify, this seems to be the inference).

And Jones concurs by appearing to suggest being a pedophile is a nursing home plan for Men in Alabama and the Deep South.

And Shroyer and Jones wonder where all the Moore supporters went?

Jeez!  If I was Jones and Shroyer tonight, I wouldn’t be heading to Alabama.

The pitchforks are gonna be out for them real tasty.

***Exchange begins at 48 minutes, 43 seconds***

September 2015 Broadcast Accuses Infowars’ Alex Jones of Being a Russian Spy (VIDEO)

And they brought him off and at that period of time, Alex Jones became a traitor to his nation and a Russian spy.

RT – Question More

Infowars’ and its host and owner Alex Jones have long had a history with the truth that could be described as more than elastic.  In the last year, since the election of Donald Trump, Jones support of him has forced the Infowars’ narratives into further and further ludicrous corners.

Be it that deep state actors controlled the direction of hurricane Irma using technology that has been thoroughly discredited, or technology that is not yet in existence, or a civil war that Infowars claimed would be started by antifa on November 4th 2017 which was nothing more than a hoax started by a small time right-wing security guard whose social media post got taken out of context and went viral (I could go on for pages and pages with Jones’ bullshit from this year alone, but I’ll let you have a google for yourself and come to your own conclusion if you are still in any doubt,) Jones and his shabby Infowars outfit have proved this year that there is no lie they wouldn’t try on and nothing they aren’t willing to say in their support, not only for Donald Trump but also of the regime of Vladimir Putin.

infowars poll3
Alex Jones: Bullshit

Now, you have to remember here, that Jones and Infowars profess individual freedom as laid down in the U.S constitution as their prime cause.  How does that then square up with their support of Putin’s Russia which demonizes LGBT individuals and tends to permanently silence, murder or imprison their political opponents?

It was Jones’ ludicrous frat boy foot soldier, Owen Shroyer, who possibly gave the game away in a pre-2016 election broadcast when he (somewhat) jokingly suggested that Infowars support for Trump was part of a “psyop.”  Shroyer has latterly been on the screen at Infowars asking what is there not to like about the Russian state, “after all, they love God and they love family?”

Jones has also gushed on screen about his love of Russian state TV channel Russia Today (now RT.) Jones told how great it was that you could go on there and “say whatever you like without being censored.”  The problem here, of course, is that if you are broadcasting deliberately false and inflammatory material, it could well have detrimental societal effects.  As I have documented elsewhere, this was exactly RT’s gameplan.  They would host many people with an anti-American mainstream viewpoint, whether their points of view were valid or not.

Infowars’ Alex Jones – Triggering the Shooters

Thereby they gave themselves credentials as purveyors of honest counter-cultural viewpoints at the same time as hosting insidious and malignant nonsense intended to stir up as much domestic trouble in the U.S. as possible.  However, the mainstream media in the U.S. only have themselves to blame for this for virtually silencing any voice outside the technocratic elite.

And as for CNN, well, they hosted Glen Beck back in 2006 for fuck’s sake.  You only have yourselves to blame for the shit-storm you now find yourselves at the end of.

But let’s get back to Jones, Infowars and their support for Trump.  I for one would never have imagined Jones coming out in support of such an obvious demagogue.  At first, I just guessed it was all for ratings, as throughout the 2016 election cycle, Jones couldn’t help boasting about his huge affiliate ratings and massive audience figures.  A trait for boasting is something Jones obviously shares with Trump.  Two narcissistic peas in a pod.  However, as the months have progressed, I’ve come to be far more suspicious of Jones’ support for Trump.  I had actually written an article way back in early 2016 suggesting that there was some sort of conspiracy afoot linking Jones, Trump, and Roger Stone, but at that time I hadn’t quite put my finger on it.

But if you draw a line and contrast the changing behaviour of Alex Jones, Trump and Stone since that time, it becomes blindingly obvious that the on-going Russian meddling investigation is getting them increasingly agitated.

Alex Jones, Armchair Detective

And that brings us to an excerpt of an online broadcast by one Douglas Dietrich posted on youtube back in December 2015 and apparently first broadcast on September 10th 2015, which accuses Jones of being a virtual puppet of Russia today and Putin’s Russian state.  Now, I have no idea of the veracity of the statements made by Dietrich, or if he can be thought of as a reliable source in any way whatsoever.  But as Jones hardly ever bothers to check the reliability of sources if what they have to say coincides with the point of view he is pushing at any given time, it is as well to proceed and hear what this guy has to say.

Regarding Alex Jones, Dietrich says:

“It’s well known that he sold out to the Russians and became a propagandist for Russia Today (RT).  And that is why prior to breaking in to the new level of conflict intensity  with the Russians in Syria, he is someone whose boss, the founder of Russia Today, Mikhail Lesin – who was found murdered in Washington District Columbia, and this was obviously an assassination – and that was a warning of course to Alex Jones to tone it down.  Now, I, of course, have personal note of the fact that Alex Jones pretty much runs Russia Today’s  American office, because when Vladimir Putin’s successor to a state within a state KGB assumed it’s infiltration operations again within the West, it did what it always did, it went to the most corrupt of the Wests personnel in intelligence and defence agencies, and one of the most corrupt they could find, was Alex Jones.  And they brought him off and at that period of time, Alex Jones became a traitor to his nation and a Russian spy.  So he propagates for Vladimir Putin incessantly and what he does, of course, is tell people anything apart from telling people to move to Russia and if you were to listen to him speak you would think it was the best place in the world.”

Now, as I say, Dietrich may well be some freak with some kooky viewpoints.

But as for his description of Jones and his support of Vladimir Putin’s Russian state?

I guarantee if you are a regular Infowars listener/viewer before and no alarm bells were ringing, they certainly are now!

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