Infowars’ Alex Jones Reverses Stance on Militarized Police Vehicles

For many years, Infowars’ owner Alex Jones and their idiot-at-large, Paul Joseph Watson, have been scaring their readers with the phenomenon of U.S. state police departments buying ex-military equipment to ‘help’ police the streets with.


Anyone in their right mind would be worried about their local police department buying armored trucks and grenade launchers to patrol the streets, right?  Surely it sends the message that the police are some sort of occupying force of the state, rather than a service to keep you safe and allow the everyday citizen to go about his or her business without being unduly distressed by the reckless acts of others, doesn’t it?

Infowars’ Idiot-at-Large Paul Joseph Watson prepares for the money shot

The 1033 program otherwise known as the U.S. Government’s Defense Logistics Agency Disposition Services (DLA) which was signed into law by President Clinton in 1996 allowed local police departments to stock up with items such as armoured vehicles and presumably lessened the load on over-bloated federal spending by allowing state departments to take up some of the slack.

It also gave the impression that local law enforcement was actually a quasi-military operation and with the police operations carried out in the wake of the Boston bombings, in 2013, and the Ferguson unrests of 2014, President Obama was nudged into ending the program when the whole world was exposed to what looked like martial law type operations being carried out by local law enforcement.

Whilst civil liberties groups had long expressed concern regarding the 1033 program, one media outlet, in particular, was full of rage regarding the program and you’ve probably guessed that it was Alex Jones’ Infowars who were telling their audience that the program was ‘proof’ that the government were on a course to introducing martial law, grabbing your guns, poisoning your children with vaccines and poisoning you with chemicals being sprayed from military and passenger jet planes.

Back in December 2014, Infowars helped organise a protest against militarised police vehicles on the streets in Spokane, Washington.  They lead with the headline “Police Military Vehicles Reveal The Secret War On Constitutionalists.”

In fact, the militarization of police departments was one of Infowars favourite subjects to ‘prove’ to its audience that the government was coming for them in 2014.

Infowars lead on story protesting police use of military vehicles

Another article screamed “SAN DIEGO SCHOOL POLICE GIVEN MINE-RESISTANT MILITARY VEHICLE BY PENTAGON,” and was subheaded, “Militarization of everyday life.”  Another article in 2014 was jubilantly entitled “CALIFORNIA POLICE DEPARTMENT ORDERED TO GET RID OF MRAP MILITARY VEHICLE,” in the wake of the Ferguson unrest.

Another infowars story protesting used of militarized police vehicles

And it wasn’t just in 2014 that Infowars was sounding the warning of militarized police units on the streets.  In 2009 they led with “ANOTHER POLICE DEPARTMENT GETS MILITARY VEHICLE.”

So, as you can see, having militarized police vehicles on the streets is something that Alex Jones and his Infowars team have steadfastly stood against, as it goes against the ethics of local policing in the U.S.


Or that is, it did go against Alex Jones ethics until August 28th, 2017, when, guess what happened?

On August 28th, 2017, when Hurricane Harvey and the devastation it had wrought in Texas was still dominating the news, Donald Trump quietly signed off on a rollback of the rollback of the 1003 program, meaning, once again, militarized police vehicles would be making their way back onto the streets of Homeland United States.

As Alex Jones had promised his audience to call out Donald Trump when he got things wrong, he got himself straight on air to condemn this authoritarian move that he and his team had protested over many years, right?

Wrong, Alex Jones, in his now familiar routine of finding the most ridiculous ways of explaining Trump’s actions, came up Trumps again, blowing smoke up Trump’s ass and revealing himself to be the true prostitute of Mammon that many have long suspected.

Turns out, Jones now thinks militarized police vehicles are a great thing.

Hypocrite? Much?


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