Infowars Audience Refuses to Take Alex Jones’ Bait on Antifa

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Alex Jones communicates with off world entities to bring you the latest on the Las Vegas Massacre

Despite a whole week of Infowars and Alex Jones trying to force the narrative that Las Vegas gunman, Stephen Paddock, was radicalised by Antifa and that investigators found both Antifa literature and flags in the apartment where he shot himself dead after committing the atrocity, only 7% of visitors to Infowars website who took part in a poll believe Jones’ spin they were responsible.

Those who are looking for hope that it means Infowars fans are becoming more objective in their opinions shouldn’t let their hopes be raised too soon though.  15% of respondents believed that ISIS was responsible, 8% thought it was “just some crazy guy,” 5% thought he committed the act because “he hated Trump supporters” and a whopping 54% thought “he was a patsy and that there were multiple shooters.”

infowars poll
Poll results from the Infowars’ forensics lab

Only 10% of respondents took the sober approach and responded with “don’t know,” which means some 90% of Infowars followers think they know why the massacre occurred, plenty of meat for Jones to get his teeth into.

True to form, Jones responded by posting an article on Infowars entitled “EXPERTS CONFIDENT THERE WERE MULTIPLE SHOOTERS AT VEGAS MASSACRE.”  Although the expert Jones interviewed added a rather large caveat, “I will get this caveat out there that it’s very important to be accurate… echoes are very confusing, and hearing anything through a microphone is confusing.”

So now Jones appears to be crowdsourcing motives and giving his audience what they want, even if it may not have much, or in fact any basis in truth.

The prize for the best recent response to Jones antics over the Las Vegas Massacre, however, goes to “pby1000” from the subreddit r/conspiracy who had this to say about reports in The Sun on Sunday that she met Stephen Paddock on a number of occasions when he engaged in violent sex with her and also confided that he had “bad blood” and thought 9/11 was an inside job…..

“Man, this is a tough one. Who do we believe? Alex Jones or a Las Vegas prostitute?

Is there any difference between the two?

I suppose the CIA/FBI can pay a prostitute to say anything they want.

I suppose the CIA/FBI can pay Alex Jones to say anything they want.

It is a toss up!”

Officially well done!

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