Infowars’ Alex Jones Show “Star Guest” Roger Stone Registered “Stop the Steal” as a Non-Profit in 2016

Infowars’ Alex Jones has said that he doesn’t get information for his online offering like getting rabbits out of a hat.  But that doesn’t mean that you can’t get people to believe that a rabbit just did just appear out of a hat.

Rabbits don’t just appear out of a hat.  But that doesn’t mean that you can’t get people to believe that a rabbit just did just appear out of a hat.

Which brings us to the subject of the January 6, 2021 Insurrection at the Capitol Building.

Did a few hundred thousand people just turn up out of nowhere in Washington DC on January 6, 2021, many of whom then just decided to march on the Capitol Building, forcing entry to the property, causing the death of a number of people in the process, including police officers, and defecating within its hallowed walls?

No, gatherings of this size rarely happen spontaneously, unless they are the result of some unexpected consequence.

The Castlemorton Free Festival in the UK in 1992 is one such example.

Now let’s narrow the question down a little more.

Was the January 6, 2021 Capitol Riot, the result of Donald Trump losing the 2020 Presidential Election?

The obvious answer to that question is yes.

Trump lost, although in the eyes of his supporters that turned up the to the January 6, 2021 Stop the Steal Rally, after being drip fed lies for months via multiple right-wing media organisations, such as Fox News, Newsmax and infowars, he was cheated out of victory and hence the anger that played out as the Riot at The Capitol.

However, “Committee to Stop the Steal” is a political non-profit organisation first registered by Roger Stone in 2016 and deployed across a number of Trump and Republican campaigns since then.

January 6, 2021 is just the most well known.

All of which brings us to the unavoidable conclusion that Stop the Steal was not a result of a true grievance regarding the November 2020 United States Presidential Election, but a cynical political ploy being used by political operatives to subvert the results of democratic elections.

When you factor in this is to the inflammatory language of the host to Stone’s most regular media gig, infowars Alex Jones and his Alex Jones Show, it can clearly be seen that the January 6, 2021 Insurrection at the Capitol Building was not a rabbit out of a hat.

It was a long-term plan by Trump allies, and Trump himself, to delegitimize the democratic process and part of their line of defence in the case of loss.

Roger Stone was the founder of Stop the Steal, and hence this explains Alex Jones maniacal diatribes that played out in concert with General Flynn’s similar media rhetoric, regarding pleas to Trump to declare martial law and overturn the results of the 2020 Presidential Election in key swing states and have them re-run under military observation.

Alex Jones on The Infowars’ Alex Jones Show, December 20, 2020
General Michael Flynn on the Infowars’ Alex Jones Show January 5, 2021

Thereby we find we have the means, motive and opportunity.

The only mystery that remains, is why Trump didn’t ultimately pull the trigger on the plan.

This is most likely explained by a character defect of Trump’s which his allies didn’t factor in.

Donald Trump is not only a narcissistic psychopath and bully, with an extreme weakness for flattery.

He’s also a coward.


Was The Plan For January 6th To Injure Or Kill A Lawmaker And Declare A “National Emergency”

Surely the only people desperate enough to want to point out that Jones would not do something against the law would be, well, Alex Jones.  Or maybe Paul Joseph Watson

Alex Jones Births #QAnon
Alex Jones – Dangerous

A few days ago, on Reddit, I published an inflammatory post entitled  “The Plan For January 6th Was To Injure Or Kill A Lawmaker And Declare A “National Emergency””.

The idea for the title came from an article I had recently read on, where the author pondered that a law maker could have been injured during the attack, theoretically giving Donald Trump the chance to declare a national emergency and stay in office indefinitely, or until the presidential election had been gerrymandered in his favour, likely ending in the same result.

The reddit post linked to a recently posted blogpost entitled Alex Jones In Wonderland a title downright plagiaristicly lifted from Jon Ronson’s podcast masterpiece from This American Life No.670: Beware the Jabberwock – Alex In Wonderland.

For anyone who is interested in how Alex Jones became, well Alex Jones, Beware the Jabberwock – Alex in Wonderland, is essential listening.

But anyhow, I digress.

And before I continue, yes, I know, self-promotion is terribly distasteful.

I thought my post on Reddit may spark debate on if there was a conspiracy to cause a certain outcome on January 6th, 2021, and if so, what it may involve.

Whilst there were a few people willing to ponder the question – although I will admit, the wording would not necessarily be read as a question – those who shouted the loudest and assumed the most authority on the subject seemed not only unwilling to ponder the question, they also wanted to shut down the argument.

Now why would a person, or people want to do that, I thought?

Whilst my first suspicions were dark and, of course, assumed a much higher importance for my post and article than they deserved, what possibly became a more probable answer was even more absurd.

The first comment on my post was resolute:

Someone shot back, pointing out Mike Flynn had allegedly outlined a plan to Trump in mid-December to enact martial law (Marshall law for those more used to reading right-wing blogs, although Marshall Law or just Law, is a player character from the Tekken fighting game franchise by Bandai Namco Entertainment, according to Wikipedia,) and rerun the presidential election in the battleground states Trump narrowly lost.

The next comment from suckercuck, a name that can’t help raising suspicions, really did make no sense whatsoever:

Why, one would have to think, would the Trump administration worry about if something was legal?

Trump’s whole tenure was based on skirting, pushing, or transgressing the law as far as it could, whilst hoping for the least consequences.

And there is something about the wording.

Ostensibly, suckercuck had appeared to be anti-Trump, however, the wording of this comment raised a red (shall we say)-flag.

Suckercuck appears to be saying Alex Jones would not do something illegal.  Maybe he is correct in this assumption and Jones is aware just how far he can skirt the law with his work, whilst remaining outside of the clutches of law enforcement.

Surely the only people desperate enough to want to point out that Jones would not do something against the law would be, well, Alex Jones.  Or maybe Paul Joseph Watson. A giant swathe of his supporters has very publicly demonstrated that breaking the law to achieve their desired outcome is not so much of a problem

However, that is not to say Jones may have been involved in a conspiracy without being aware of exactly what the plan is, or if there was a darker plan at all.  Remember, as William Burroughs said, the best agent, is an agent that doesn’t know he’s an agent.

This should have been the sort of deduction made by those who were to shout the loudest that Jones is dumb (he isn’t, but he is an asshole,) but this wasn’t their line of thinking at all.

I was then faced by another reddit contributor who asserted the following:

This comment was bizarre in several ways.

For a start, my blog post link was quoting Alex Jones.  And there can be no more primary a source for something Alex Jones said than, well, Alex Jones.

Secondly, it was widely reported that allegedly Trump, or at least “advisors” around Trump were encouraging Trump to consider enacting martial law in December 2020.

Thirdly, the title was indeed conjecture, but it is conjecture that has been seriously considered in other publications, many of them mainstream, so many people think this not to be completely out of the question.

Fourthly, wow, someone is really pissed off!

Fifthly, a lie that was redacted and to end someone is really not liking the fact I posted on this subreddit (r/January 6) at all.

Now, why might that be?

Troll imposters, or as they are more widely known, sockpuppets, have two highly tell-tale ways of operating, amongst others.

One is to attempt to take control of the debate and lead it into a blind alley other direction that is somewhat unrelated, to get people thinking about anything else but the article and any insightful comments below.

Another is to just attempt to shut the discussion down and make any comments supporting their opposing, but not always overtly professed views seem ridiculous, unlikely, or even imaginary.

Have You Seen Yourself in The Mirror Yet?

Sockpuppetry is even more distasteful than self-promotion.

But what was all this opposition to my post trying to achieve?

Another possible answer became apparent soon enough.

ShlongVonLong returned with another missive:

There are several things that stand out here but let’s cut to the chase.

First, no one has ever said, and I had not asserted that Alex Jones is a reliable source, or that Roger Stone is not about as near as Jones was getting to the Trump administration (although on January 6th, 2021, Jones has asserted that he received a call from The White House to lead the march along Pennsylvania Avenue, we will ponder this assertion in a near future sequel to this article.)

You’ll notice that where ShlongVonLong starts to somewhat converge with some of my thinking, they then go on to recommend another audio blog that comments on Alex Jones.  That person has also stated just before that they listen to 10 hours of Alex Jones a week.

Alex Jones – Dumb yet clever

What sort of Alex Jones hater would want to listen to 10 hours of his shows a week and then subject themselves to three hours of analysis of Alex Jones?

As most of Jones’ show is just ads and garbage, short soundbites around the main points and a little insightful commentary will suffice for most who want to keep their sanity

What might make sense though, is for an Alex Jones podcast send-up researcher to spend 10 hours listening to Alex Jones and then multiple hours recording three hours plus podcasts of inane and downright short-sighted analysis of Jones and his sidekicks.

Folks, I listened to a little Knowledge Fight, so you don’t have to, and this is how insightful they are – they didn’t predict what would happen on January 6th and they were surprised by what happened and how quickly it happened on the day.

Jeez, I predicted almost exactly the scenario that occurred on January 6, before Trump was elected in this article.

This led me to the belief that it was very likely I was being trolled by the authors of a podcast who believe themselves to be a rival to

This reddit behavior would be the internet version of a creepy old guy sleazing around women to get their way.  Just be honest, no one likes a manipulative creep.

Collaboration beats competition any time.

However, there are some other scenarios:

  • It could be a section of FBI officers who have made a poor decision not to investigate Jones, Stone and Shroyer more thoroughly over the events of January 6th
  • It could be people that just like being dicks on the internet and are incapable of forming any opinion either way
  • It could all be in my own mind
  • It could be the Russians – look over here, look over here, look at the birdy

That’s enough conspiracy for now, we will consider these options and possibly more in upcoming posts at

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