Alt-Right Lurch for New UK Broadcaster Ends in Disaster

But the consequences of Brexit are slowly becoming clear.  Supermarket shelves are becoming empty due to a catastrophic supply-chain breakdown.

It Couldn't Happen Here


A brand-new national UK news channel has lost its big-name anchor after the resignation of Andrew Neil, its lead presenter and chairman.

GB News, which first went live on June 13th 2021, has been battered by numerous disasters since the first day of broadcast.

Despite technical problems, things seemed hopeful at the outset, but it didn’t take long for things to sour:

“336,000 viewers tuned in to see the launch of GB News. A month after its launch, its daily viewership of just over 1 million trailed Sky News’ 2.5 to 3 million viewers.

Audience figures subsequently fell dramatically, and on 14 July, audience figures dropped so low they were reported as zero by the ratings measurement board BARB at least twice on the day, attributed to regular viewers boycotting the station after one of its presenters, Guto Harri, took a knee on-air in solidarity with the England football team.”

Andrew Neil’s resignation from GB News was reported at as follows:

“The ex-BBC host was the face of GB News before it went on air in June but has left after presenting just eight programmes in three months. He was unhappy with technical mistakes, the loss of top staff and its political direction.

In the end Neil was outmanoeuvred by the former Ukip leader Nigel Farage, who is now the channel’s best-known figure, along with a number of more stridently right-wing hires keen to address culture war issues.”

Farage was added to the roster of GB News pundits one week after launch and stepped up when Neil became absent.

But the consequences of Brexit are slowly becoming clear.  Supermarket shelves are becoming empty due to a catastrophic supply-chain breakdown. The cause is a mass exodus from the U.K. of Eastern-European lorry drivers who left the country following Britain’s exit from Europe, and Britain’s Brexit bonus has failed to materialise for most of the population.

Nigel Farage’s popularity has taken a dive in line with his GB News viewing figures.

Nigel could, of course, attempt to further his goal of polar factionalism, finding anyone else to blame for GB News’ and his problems, preferably foreign and lefty.

However, the pesky British broadcasting rules insist on impartiality (to a degree) for national broadcasters, preventing the culture-war hate-fest GB News has been itching to foist on the UK public.

Safe to assume we will soon be being told by the politically informed soccer thug, that the UK broadcasting regulator, Ofcom, is a culturally Marxist operation in cahoots with the BBC, the New World Order and al-Qaeda.

Aye, vile indeed!

Conservative Leadership Candidate Brexit Truth Shocker

In a shocking development a candidate for the Conservative leadership has told his own party and the British public at large a fact about Brexit that probably resembles something approaching the truth.

Rory Stewart, who unlike all the other candidates actually appears to have lived a life, walked his talk and has a tongue that actually says something worth listening to, rather than using it to kiss Donald Trump’s backside has stated something that, whilst it might be common knowledge elsewhere, is having a hard time registering with the Tory faithful.

Stewart told the BBC that any candidate for Tory leader “promising to renegotiate by October was effectively committing to leaving without a deal, because it was impossible.

So there you have it Boris Johnson and Co’s leadership pitches are hurtling the UK to a no-deal disaster by promising the impossible.

Boris Johnson – Beware those who seek monsters…..

So, who is Rory Stewart exactly?

According to Wikipedia, Stewart was a coalition official in Iraq in 2003–04.He is known for his book about this experience, Occupational Hazards or The Prince of the Marshes, and for his 2002 walk across Afghanistan (part of a larger walk across Asia), which served as the basis for his bestseller, The Places in Between, as well as his later cultural development work in Afghanistan as executive chairman of the British charity Turquoise Mountain Foundation.

So this guy sounds like he has some balls as well. And he’s listening to people and trying to give them some truth. Which is probably why he is a 25-1 outsider for the Tory leadership.

Shame, he sounds like the most interesting guy they have.

Boris Johnson….Man of the Mo….oh, Wait!

Green Skinned Lizard
Green-Skinned Lizard – Was Boris Johnson an unwitting Russian patsy in the mold of David Icke?

Bombastic Boris Johnson has been a busy little bee over the last week or so.  Tubthumping the cause for British citizens who have been poisoned in the sanctuary and relative safety of Salisbury, Johnson has been our man to stand up to the Russians whilst beating the drum of national security and berating the leader of the opposition for not being tougher against those who would seek to do Britain harm.

But why, one may ask, has our Boris been so late to see the Russian threat?

Could it be that before the events of last week, Boris Johnson was content to let the Russians meddle in UK politics, as it helped him and his cronies Brexit agenda, and he thought he wouldn’t be found out?

With the revelations in the offing from a report in The Observer, that Cambridge Analytica had allegedly illegitimately obtained the profile data of up to 50 million or more individual Facebook users in order to weaponize the Facebook platform to gain advantage for the causes of the Pro-Brexit and Pro-Trump political campaigns, and Cambridge Analytica being a company who had also been in the hock of a Kremlin connected oil company (chemtrail conspiracy nonsense sponsored by…….hello Alex Jones!), maybe Johnson needed to try to give the impression that there was clear blue water between himself and the intentions of Vladimir Putin.

Lost It
Alex Jones – Self-professed “ugly human centipede”

The memory of the mainstream press is notoriously impaired and it is doubtful that it could remember but a few short months ago, Johnson opining that he had seen no evidence anywhere of Russia interfering in the vote in favor of Brexit.

Let’s go back to a report in The Guardian in November 2017 which reported that, when asked about possible foreign interference in Britain, Boris Johnson replied:

“I haven’t seen a sausage.”


So we go from Johnson not being able to see a sausage, to Johnson being convinced without a doubt that the Russians attempted to murder two British citizens in Salisbury…..and he thinks he won’t be picked up on his previous treasonous lack of judgment?

The Guardian report goes on to assert:

“The revelation comes as the Observer investigation into foreign influence places him in a web of relationships between a known Russian spy, Sergey Nalobin, expelled from Britain in 2015, and Matthew Elliott, the chief executive of Vote Leave, the official Leave campaign headed by Johnson.”

Plausible deniability, and all that…..

Be seeing you!

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