The Most Blatant Lie Infowars Alex Jones Ever Told – Stephen Paddock, Las Vegas Shooter

In the aftermath of the Las Vegas shooting, carried out by lone gunman Stephen Paddock from a hotel room high above the Route 91 Harvest Festival, Alex Jones was on a maniacal mission to try to pin the blame on “Antifa,” even though there was no evidence whatsoever to support that, in fact, quite the opposite

Back in 2017, Infowars’ Alex Jones told his audience, and his ridiculous sidekick, Paul Joseph-Watson, the most blatant lie he has ever been caught telling on The Alex Jones Show.

In the aftermath of the Las Vegas shooting, carried out by lone gunman Stephen Paddock from a hotel room high above the Route 91 Harvest Festival, Jones was on a maniacal mission to try to pin the blame on “Antifa,” even though there was no evidence whatsoever to support that, in fact, quite the opposite.

The truth of the matter is likely that Jones was aware his dangerous rhetoric was spilling over into real-world violence, and Jones was desperate to obscure the fact that the gunman may have been influenced by his deranged rants and incendiary verbal pseudo-patriot garbage.

Joseph-Watson’s jaw drops almost to the floor whilst Jones reads out an imaginary text on his phone from “investigators,” whilst at the same time telling his film crew not to film his phone from above. 

He then waves a bit of paper in front of the cameral which he says is from the “CIA.”

Because, of course, Alex Jones wouldn’t make up any sources, would he?

Infowars’ Alex Jones lying about Stephen Paddock, The Las Vegas Shooter

Later investigations of the few people that had contact with Stephen Paddock in the run up to the shooting revealed something very different about the shooters’ political beliefs.

According to an article published in, people who had contact with Paddock reported the following:

“…..people who encountered Paddock before his shooting say that he expressed conspiratorial, anti-government beliefs, which are characteristic of the far right.

In a handwritten statement, one woman says she sat near Paddock in a diner just a few days before the shooting, while out with her son. She said she heard him and a companion discussing the 25th anniversary of the Ruby Ridge standoff and the Waco siege. (Each of these incidents became touchstones for a rising anti-government militia movement in the 1990s.)

She says she heard him and his companion saying that courtroom flags with golden fringes are not real flags. The belief that gold-fringed flags are those of a foreign jurisdiction, or “admiralty flags”, is characteristic of so-called “sovereign citizens”, who believe, among other things, that the current US government, and its laws, are illegitimate.

“At the time,” her statement says, “I thought, ‘Strange guys’ and wanted to leave.”

Another man, who Paddock met to discuss a purchase of modifications to semi automatic rifles reported:

“…..he met Paddock three weeks before the shooting for an abortive firearms transaction, in the carpark of a Bass Pro Shop. The man was selling schematic diagrams for an auto sear, a device that would convert semi-automatic weapons to full automatic fire. Paddock asked him to make the device for him, and the man refused.

At this point Paddock launched into a rant about “anti-government stuff … Fema camps”. Paddock said that the evacuation of people by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (Fema) after Hurricane Katrina was a a “dry run for law enforcement and military to start kickin’ down doors and … confiscating guns”.

“Somebody has to wake up the American public and get them to arm themselves,” the man says Paddock told him. “Sometimes sacrifices have to be made.”

Now who else do we know that rants about FEMA camps and any type of disaster, be it man-made or natural being a pre-cursor to gun confiscation in the United States?

Oh yes, Alex Jones.

I’m sure it’s all just a misunderstanding.

Either that, or Jones is an Antifa plant, and they’ve put him there to make the right look stupid.

If that is the case, it sure is working!

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Infowars Audience Refuses to Take Alex Jones’ Bait on Antifa

infowars poll3
Alex Jones communicates with off world entities to bring you the latest on the Las Vegas Massacre

Despite a whole week of Infowars and Alex Jones trying to force the narrative that Las Vegas gunman, Stephen Paddock, was radicalised by Antifa and that investigators found both Antifa literature and flags in the apartment where he shot himself dead after committing the atrocity, only 7% of visitors to Infowars website who took part in a poll believe Jones’ spin they were responsible.

Those who are looking for hope that it means Infowars fans are becoming more objective in their opinions shouldn’t let their hopes be raised too soon though.  15% of respondents believed that ISIS was responsible, 8% thought it was “just some crazy guy,” 5% thought he committed the act because “he hated Trump supporters” and a whopping 54% thought “he was a patsy and that there were multiple shooters.”

infowars poll
Poll results from the Infowars’ forensics lab

Only 10% of respondents took the sober approach and responded with “don’t know,” which means some 90% of Infowars followers think they know why the massacre occurred, plenty of meat for Jones to get his teeth into.

True to form, Jones responded by posting an article on Infowars entitled “EXPERTS CONFIDENT THERE WERE MULTIPLE SHOOTERS AT VEGAS MASSACRE.”  Although the expert Jones interviewed added a rather large caveat, “I will get this caveat out there that it’s very important to be accurate… echoes are very confusing, and hearing anything through a microphone is confusing.”

So now Jones appears to be crowdsourcing motives and giving his audience what they want, even if it may not have much, or in fact any basis in truth.

The prize for the best recent response to Jones antics over the Las Vegas Massacre, however, goes to “pby1000” from the subreddit r/conspiracy who had this to say about reports in The Sun on Sunday that she met Stephen Paddock on a number of occasions when he engaged in violent sex with her and also confided that he had “bad blood” and thought 9/11 was an inside job…..

“Man, this is a tough one. Who do we believe? Alex Jones or a Las Vegas prostitute?

Is there any difference between the two?

I suppose the CIA/FBI can pay a prostitute to say anything they want.

I suppose the CIA/FBI can pay Alex Jones to say anything they want.

It is a toss up!”

Officially well done!

infowars poll2

Has Infowars’ Alex Jones become the Ultimate Patsy of the Las Vegas Massacre?

Alex Jones, Armchair Detective

After a week of spewing countless conspiracy theories regarding the motives of the Las Vegas gunman, Stephen Paddock, the yarns that Infowars’ Alex Jones has been spinning in support of his obviously faux Trumpian worldview have started to come crashing down.

A prostitute who claims to have taken part in violent sexual trysts with Paddock says the gunman would take her back to his hotel room to act out rape fantasies when he had a winning streak.  She also revealed that she thought him to be a paranoid obsessive who bought into conspiracy theories, including the belief that 9/11 was an inside job.

The latter belief dovetails quite accurately with the mindset of Alex Jones and begs the question, was Paddock actually a follower of Infowars, and did Jones’ continual pushing of a new civil war in the United States push Paddock over a line where he ended up committing an atrocity?


The readers’ comments section of Infowars have for many years been full of violent threats and new civil war fantasies and on a live stream on the Friday before the attack, Jones himself was spinning a number of broad predictions about a forthcoming event which could occur in October or November or maybe in December and also lead to civil war.  As always, Jones made the predictions purposely vague and broad, spanning a number of events over a number of months in the hope of pulling a rabbit out of the hat if some horrific event occurred.  He made particular mention of a terror attack that would be pinned on a ‘right-wing patsy.’

The interesting thing here is that now an attack has happened, Jones is doing his all-out best to try and frame the perpetrator as a left-wing member of Antifa who at the same time is a Muslim extremist also affiliated to ISIS.  However, none of the evidence so far shows that Paddock’s political views were left wing and what morsels of information there are would suggest that probably isn’t the case.

An acquaintance of Paddock who met him on a number of occasions suggested that he was ‘conservative’ and obsessed with guns and now we have another source of information, the anonymous prostitute, saying that he also thought 9/11 was an inside job.  The prostitute also claimed Paddock told her that he had ‘bad blood,’ which is presumably a reference to his father who was a bank robber and also thought to be a psychopath.  This fits completely with the profile of many regular users of the Infowars comments section if you are to take their violent, paranoid braggings at face value.

Inside Job
Infowars’ bumper sticker

All this could lead us to a conclusion that would be Alex Jones worst nightmare.  That being, he was correct in his prediction that a right wing gun nut would commit an atrocity but he may not have been a patsy and for some reason, he chose to attack a festival where there would be many lovers of all things Americana, especially guns, perhaps in order to help trigger the new civil war – which Jones has been so enthusiastically cheerleading – after listening to Jones’ broadcasts?

And it could be that the ultimate patsy here could actually end up being Alex Jones, whose ‘sources’ he claims have told him that Stephen Paddock recently converted to Islam (he used a holiday shot of Paddocks partner Marilou Danley on a beach in Dubai to ‘prove’ this) and also that the apartment where Paddock carried out the shooting was covered in Antifa literature and flags.

This holiday shot is Alex Jones ‘proof’ that Stephen Paddock was radicalized by ISIS. Lame!

Could it be state actors were awaiting an event such as this to goad Jones into crazier and crazier outbursts by posing as sources of credible information to Jones (the bar isn’t high there) to the point where inevitable calls are made for heavier regulation on the ability to post freely on the internet, which is a cause that Donald Trump has championed?

Will Jones fetish for turning the fear porn dial up to eleven, end up becoming the murder of the goose that laid his golden internet egg.

Has he immanentized his own personal eschaton?

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