Prepper 101 with Alex Jones: How not to Light a Fire in the Wilderness

There really are no words to describe how alt-rightarded this lesson in how not to light a fire with Alex Jones is.  Isn’t lighting a fire in the wilderness one of the first rules of survival?

Alex Jones can’t manage it at his own studio with a lighter and accelerator.  What a goon!


Exclusive: How Trump Russia Stole Twitter

In the age of smartphones, everybody has become a potential intelligence target.

How Trump Russia Stole Twitter
41 million followers? Really?

The Story of how Social Media was Really Gamed for Election 2016


Over the last four or five years, I started to develop a theory.  That theory was that there was a huge conspiracy afoot using conspiracy theories themselves, to flip huge segments of western countries populations against their own governments and even against their (oft misguided) patriotism towards their own flags and what they represent.

In the age of smartphones, everybody has become a potential intelligence target.  In many western countries – especially in the United Kingdom and the United States – poorly educated individuals who lacked/lack basic reasoning skills, who represented a massive potential democratic force, were targeted via their free access to social media.  They were then fed a drip, drip diet of skewed news stories, half-baked facts and outright lies in order to denounce their own leaders as traitors, and overthrow their governments via the ballot box in favour, ironically, of authoritarian leaders who would wish to go on to clamp down on civil liberties and the freedom of speech these individuals social movements claimed to rely upon to succeed in their own endeavours.

The modus operandi, at a very high level, was brilliantly simple and it was based on well-known techniques of coercion and brainwashing that were catalogued in a Pelican Original book from 1963 by J.A.C Brown entitled “Techniques of Persuasion – From Propaganda to Brainwashing,” and later echoed in a book about marketing by Robert B. Cialdini, entitled “Influence – The Psychology of Persuasion.”

Techniques of Persuasion
Techniques of Persuasion – From Propaganda to Brainwashing by J.A.C. Brown

Not only were the techniques used for this operation brilliantly simple, they also lent themselves perfectly to an age of social media that meant an individual’s ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ are instantly broadcast to their social networks and possibly far, far beyond and also back to the individual him/herself.

The Problem

The problem western governments had – especially the United States and the United Kingdom – was that due to many years of political spin and outright lies, especially with regard to their military escapades, it was inevitable a counter-revolution of types would occur as a backlash against the prevailing order.  It was the seeds of that backlash however, that would be co-opted by the dark forces of oligarchs and inverted back on itself in order to attempt the building of a world order which would favor the influence of corporate influence and oil interests over the free state (such as it was/is).

In the UK, these malignant forces had plenty of meat to work with.  Mass circulation newspapers such as The Daily Mail (renowned for its’ support of Hitler in the 1930’s via Lord Rothermere, and headlines praising Oswald Moseleys Fascists such as “Hurrah for the Blackshirts,”) had been steadily feeding a large segment of the population a daily dose of xenophobia, Islamophobia and malignant anti-Eurocentric hatred, based on fear of the other for many years.  They championed a spurious patriotism for memories of a time of empire and a golden age that never existed for the average working and middle-class Brit.  The foreign agent trolls who co-opted these themes could be seen hard at work daily, as the plan was put into action in online comments sections of online U.K. publications from The Daily Mail itself, to The Guardian and even the go-to U.K. portal for mothers (and some fathers) ‘Mumsnet.’

Hurrah for the Blackshirts

Nowhere online in the U.K was safe from infiltration.

In the U.S. a mass media had to be created, or at least massively expanded, to popularize these themes and it was the sudden surge in traffic to sites such as Infowars, Breitbart and related operations that accomplished this.

The first great success of this campaign and its’ trial run was the Brexit referendum in the United Kingdom.  The second success and so far crowning glory was the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States.

It remains to be seen how much of a success either of those two, possibly ultimately pyrrhic victories will be, but if success was viewed as lowly as causing internal domestic strife, weakening the influence of the U.S.A and the U.K. across the world and reducing their standing in the eyes of other world leaders and nations, then in those endeavours they have been successful so far.  It would appear that the plans were far more ambitious than that.

For now though, let’s return to the how it was done, in order to arm ourselves in readiness for the battles that are to come.

It’s Alex Jones Time, Folks

For many years I have followed the fortunes of Alex Jones and his online offering, Infowars.  Jones has built a successful media empire by playing to the patriot movement, exploiting the unanswered questions left in the wake of the attacks of 9/11 and also honing in on just about every conspiracy theory that may leave less reasoned individuals thinking that not only is their government lying to them (it quite often is) but is also out to get them.


The way governments work in Western democracies, with their umbilical cord attached to corporate donor funds and especially the arms lobby, Jones has managed to find no shortage of material that passes the litmus test of truth, at the same time as mixing in more crackpot conspiracy fare in order to push his lines of merchandise, which apart from his advertising affiliates keep his operation afloat, pay the bills and expand his empire to be able to poison the minds of evermore unquestioning docile acolytes.

No Brainer

When RT, (formerly Russia Today) started giving Jones a platform it was a no-brainer for him.  Jones could give his brand a boost on an international stage that, as he, was less than sympathetic to the sitting U.S. government.  More recently Jones has gushed about the editorial policy of RT and said (I paraphrase this from memory) “that there is literally no editorial policy at RT and you can just go on and say whatever you like.”

RT – Question More

You can see why that might be such an attraction to someone such as Alex Jones, given his relationship with the truth, but that is missing the thrust of what I am getting at here.  In what may seem like somewhat of a segue at this point in our story, during the Syrian conflict – in which Vladimir Putin so outmanoeuvred his counterparts in Washington and London – Jones and Infowars heavily featured pictures of U.S. servicemen holding pieces of paper displaying their military ID numbers alongside messages saying they were against further U.S. military intervention and would take no part in it themselves.

RT – Question More

So what is it, other than Jones, that connects RT and their editorial policy of letting people say whatever they want (in contrast to U.S. media who Jones would contest censor heavily) and U.S. servicemen(if it was indeed U.S. servicemen and not staged foreign propaganda) with their bits of paper remonstrating against U.S. intervention in Syria?

The answer, I believe, can be found in passages from the book “Influence – The Psychology of Persuasion,” by Robert B. Cialdini……

“……prisoners were frequently asked to make statements so mildly anti-American or pro-Communist as to seem inconsequential (“The United States is not perfect.” “In a Communist society, unemployment is not a problem.”) But once these minor requests were complied with, the men found themselves pushed to submit to yet more substantive requests.  A man who had just agreed with his Chinese interrogator that the United States is not perfect might then be asked to indicate some of the ways in which he thought this was the case.  Once he had so explained himself, he might be asked to make a list of these “problems with America” and to sign his name to it….”

 “The Chinese then might use his name and his essay in an anti-American radio broadcast beamed not only to the entire camp but to other POW camps in North Korea, as well as American forces in South Korea.  Suddenly he would find himself a “collaborator” having given aid to the enemy.  Aware that he had written the essay without any strong threats or coercion, many times a man would change his image of himself to be consistent with the deed and the new “collaborator” label often resulting in even more extensive acts of collaboration.”

 – Robert B. Cialdini, PH, D.

Influence, The Psychology of Persuasion

 ……what we see playing out with RT’s editorial policy is that they have a habit of frequently inviting Western – especially American – dissident thinkers to expound their worldviews.  Quite often these worldviews are at odds with the narratives of the governing class, however, they work as a drip, drip feed that informs the American viewer that all is not right with their government.   This is of course quite often the case.  This is a classic extension of soft power and no different to the tactics that the U.S. the U.K, and many other powers have used to control and foment disquiet in foreign populations for many years (we aren’t taking the moral high ground here!)

Many of the viewpoints that the guests on RT will expound will seem reasonable to the average western viewer and that is the whole point.  Indeed, they have hosted respected guests such as Noam Chomsky, Oliver Stone, Stephen Fry and many other reasonable people.  They have also hosted maniacal conspiracy theorists and lunatics such as Alex Jones and here is where the waters get muddy.

The Julian Assange Show
The Julian Assange Show

Drip, Drip

If you have little reasoning capacity, a forceful, reasoned and nuanced argument by Chomsky may have as much value as a forceful, nuanced but unhinged rant by Alex Jones.

What’s that you say?

Have you just used an analogy that appears to say that Noam Chomsky could be a gateway drug to Alex Jones and Infowars?

Yes, I have just done exactly that.  Most people should rightfully find the notion of ‘gateway drugs’ ridiculous, however, that is only because most of us are educated enough to know that cannabis does not = heroin.  And that is only because we are educated to the fact.  Someone who has grown up truly oblivious who thinks that ‘all drugs are bad,’ who then ends up trying cannabis with no ill effects, could then quite easily think that they have been lied to all along and all drugs are then equally not bad, as with cannabis, which then leads them on to jack up heroin or experiment with meth.

The drugs in themselves haven’t led on to each other, it’s the lack of proper education leading to the failure of being able to delineate properly between the options available. Ergo, someone with little worldly education watching RT who agrees with Chomsky that U.S. policy is wrong in some area, may also end up believing Alex Jones as he is also saying the U.S. government is wrong but for completely different reasons.  This is a failure of education systems to instill a capacity to reason and fact check in order to make informed choices as to belief and action.  Alex Jones understands this and pushes his listeners ever further into greater and greater distrust of the government and encourages his listeners to share and like his memes and videos. (He also often runs competitions with huge cash prizes to encourage people to “get involved” and make posters on a certain theme, see the context of the Cialdini quote above: “..aware that he had written the essay without any strong threats or coercion, many times a man would change his image of himself to be consistent with the deed and the new “collaborator” label often resulting in even more extensive acts of collaboration”).

Sympathetic Magic

That person then goes on to social media to share and like these fetishistic offerings and as they do so, they find they unconsciously start to change their worldview in accordance with what they see they have liked and shared.  Others in their peer group who have similar cognitive abilities also share and like the video posts or memes and they spread like wildfire.  Add to this, in the case of an Alex Jones, a someone who uses scapegoat groups to blame, as the reason for all the perceived negative issues arising and your ill-informed meme can go viral instantly with possibly many millions sharing, liking and changing their own self-image with the information publicly shared/liked accordingly, based on the back of an irrational hatred.

This is nothing less than brainwashing and behavior modification on a mass scale.  And all the while Jones is telling you that it is really the government who are trying to warp your mind (they may well be) while he is involved in something easily as insidious, and maybe more so, himself.

Now, read on, because, by the time we get to the end of this sorry tale, your mind is going to be truly blown.

Trump was an Outside Job

As I suggested at the beginning of this article, around the time that Jones started to make appearances on RT, I became suspicious that something more was afoot with that media platform than just informed news and opinion.  Surely any news outlet that wanted to be taken seriously wouldn’t be letting a dangerous snake oil salesman grandstand as a serious commentator.  Whatever truths his Infowars outlet might have exposed – and exposed is far too strong a word really, because the majority of Infowars ‘news’ is just headlines from other news sources taken out of context – were outweighed by the bullshit conspiracies pushed such as Chemtrail nonsense in order to scare Jones’ audience into buying more of his and his affiliates prepper supplies, videos and ‘health’ products.  Oh, and “Inside Job” bumper stickers.

Inside Job
Infowars’ bumper sticker

It was during the Syrian war that Jones all of a sudden started proclaiming that Putin was now leader of the free world, a claim so absurd it led me to have a bit more of a poke around as to what was happening in the world of the conspiracy theories that Jones was pushing.

Back Home

Not long after this, I made friends with a person newly local to me in the U.K. who appeared from nowhere and seemed to have been taken hook line and sinker by the whole conspiracy starter pack.  They were very vocal on Facebook about David Icke, the Rothschilds, Chemtrails, the Queen and the royal family being child eating devil worshippers, and of course, 9/11 being an inside job.  Lo and behold this person had also gained a standing and seemed to be running the local spiritualist church.  I suggested a few books they might read in order to gain a better understanding of fact-checking and how the brain works and also alternative takes of historical events to theirs.  This was all to no avail and I was told in no uncertain terms that they had to keep to their set curriculum and could abide no views outside of it.

Ringing any Bells?

This person, I concluded, had either been totally brainwashed or was some sort agent on a mission to brainwash others.  The best agent I mused is an agent that does not know they are an agent.  I also began to wonder at this point if there was some hidden hand targeting disparate groups of people with flaky beliefs in order to further some hidden agenda.  The new age and spiritualist movement is massive and combined with the burgeoning conspiracy movement it provided a global platform to spread some highly effective coercive propaganda.

But what was it that this propaganda effort was being used for?

It wasn’t long before all became much clearer.  As the Brexit campaign started to gain traction, the new age and conspiracy platforms I was tracking became awash with ‘leave campaign’ propaganda.  It seemed obvious to me that the first port of call for the Brexit trolling campaign were groups of people that had trouble discerning fact from fiction.  These types of people, by their very nature, much like born-again Christians, liked to proselytize from the rooftops and their rooftop was a massive presence on social media, especially Facebook.  We’ve all had them as friends and many of us have deleted them.


And we’ve also all had the friends who have said to us that they have seen these posts and said “Well, there does seem to be some truth to it,” only to find later that this someone you had previously respected, had reshared some of the biggest load of conspiracy bollocks known to man.  And here, once again, we have to remember the words of Robert B. Cialdini, “..aware that he had written the essay without any strong threats or coercion, many times a man would change his image of himself to be consistent with the deed and the new “collaborator” label often resulting in even more extensive acts of collaboration

As the Brexit campaign rolled on, the racist element, or fear of the other, was introduced evermore frequently and outrageously, and many in the U.K. reeled as they saw an explosion of ‘people they might (have thought they) know,’ such as flaky spiritual types and conspiracy buffs, posting full blown racist, xenophobic memes and videos all over Facebook and other social media, along with headlines from most notably the Daily Mail.


Having a few friends on facebook I knew to be borderline, if not overt racists, who were posting evermore pro-Brexit, racist offerings, I became intrigued as to where these posts might be originating from.  I noticed that a few of them shared a few ridiculously attractive female friends with large breasts from exotic climes that it was patently obvious would not have given the time of day if they were actually real people.  Call me a nasty judgemental cynic if you will but I got to thinking that behind these profiles was actually a concerted propaganda campaign playing upon sad fucks egos who thought they might actually get a shag or at least curry some favor to the operators behind these vacuous titty avatars.

I only thought to state this publicly earlier this year but at that time, as far as I know, this was a theory that had not before been floated.

That was in early March and back then, Facebook was denying it all.  Then, all of a sudden in September we get this:

Facebook says fake accounts linked to Russia bought thousands of ads during US election 

Also shortly after I had informed the U.K’s Information Commissioners Office of my suspicions this was reported.

Facebook spam accounts
Facebook is deleting a bunch of spam accounts in its effort to fight fake news

The interesting thing about this report is that it mentions that many of these fake profiles were in Saudi Arabia.  Around 50,000 accounts if my memory serves me well.

Then, in June, we have another scandal come to light regarding suspected fraud pertaining to the Brexit referendum involving a DUP politician bunging a Saudi prince £425,000.

The Strange Tale
The strange tale of the DUP, Brexit, a mysterious £425,000 donation and a Saudi prince


It should be noted that the title of the article tied to the above link nicely echoes my article about a possible conspiracy at the heart of the Trump campaign which I submitted to back in June 2016, namely being “The Strange Relationship of Infowars’ Alex Jones, Donald Trump, and Roger Stone.”  Of course, they didn’t publish thr article and in not doing so missed the real story in something akin to the journalistic blunder of the century.  Even if I do say so myself.

So here we see, anyway, all our ducks lined up neatly in a row.  In fact, they had started to line up neatly for me after happening on a seemingly throwaway comment made in an article in The Guardian by George Monbiot about the fallacy of Chemtrails from back in December 2015 where he stated that…

“But it was only when the editor of a major environmental magazine sent me what he called “a remarkable essay” [regarding chemtrails] in the hope of persuading me to take up the cause that I decided I could ignore it no longer. The “remarkable essay” was garbage: a long series of disconnected facts tacked together to create what appears to be a coherent narrative, but that bears as much relationship to reality as a speech by Donald Trump. On a bad day.”

In one fell swoop, Monbiot had probably unwittingly hit the head of this conspiracy squarely on the head.

Hammer, meet nail!

As the Trump campaign hit full swing, all of the major players from the Brexit campaign joined in the 2016 U.S. election melee, presumably using all the underhand tricks they had learned along the way.  And presumably, with the help of the hidden hand, whosever’s hand that was.

And who should suddenly come out in favor of Trump in the year 2015?  Well, if it isn’t our old friend Alex Jones and his Infowars outfit, in of course a very organic way.  Except, of course, it wasn’t organic at all.  Roger Stone had been trying to figure out a way to get his friend Donald Trump elected president for the last thirty years and he hit on the alt-right zeitgeist to do it.  Stone faked getting fired as Trump’s campaign manager back in mid- 2015 and then became embedded in Infowars.  Trump gave his famous soft-soap Infowars interview in December 2015 and the conspiracy crowd was won over.  We know that Stone was whoring around for right-wing media outlets to push Trump’s campaign forward because he also offered alt-right-light pundit, Glenn Beck, the same gig but in an unbelievable fit of morality, Beck shunned the gig, as he told British author Jon Ronson who recounted the tale in an interview with Joe Rogan.

How Trump Russia Stole Twitter: The App

Ok, let’s tie this thing up.

Back in January this year, I was looking for ways to market my articles.  I couldn’t afford google ads, so went black hat and started checking out twitter bot programs.  I came across a particular one called Mass Planner.  It promised to add friends on auto-pilot and like and share based on specific keywords and all other manner of operations on certain commands.

Amazed at the price of about $15 dollars a month, I signed up and watched my twitter audience grow.  Much to my dismay, after tweeting a sarcastic post about Trump, I was showered with likes but on inspection of these likes, they appeared to be almost exclusively from Trump supporters.

Jesus, I thought, these Yank Trump supporters really are stupid, they just don’t get the joke.  I also noticed that the app was continually friending Trump supporters like the plague.  It was an infestation, the faster I removed the Trump supporters, the faster they were added again.  Then I noticed you could use negative keywords to block people that had used those words in their profiles.  First ‘Trump’ was blocked and then ‘Maga.’  To my frustration, whenever I blocked a keyword, another variation took its place to add even more Trump supporters.  After a long haul, I eventually blocked about every keyword possible to stop Trump supporters.  Then the app stopped working all together for a while and then it just started adding Trump supporters again regardless.

When my subscription came around I complained and the app started to work as it should for a few days and so I paid my sub again.  After that, it started adding chemtrail freaks and then it bulk added another lot of “friends of Chemtrail freaks” who surprise surprise, turned out to be Trump supporters.  Then after removing and blocking the chemtrail nutters, I was assailed by truthers and friends of truthers who turned out to be Trump freaks.  Remove and block again and then it was new agers whose friends were Trump freaks, almost ad-infinitum until it came eventually to flat-earthers, whose friends that were chosen to be added to my profile were, once again, you’ve guessed it, Trump supporters.

During the blocking and removing process the app stopped working several times for a week or two until my subscription was due when lo and behold it would work reasonably until paid before going on yet another Trumpathon.

What I came to work out were that these Trump supporting profiles were actually bots that were programmed to like posts with the word “Trump,” “MAGA,” or some variation thereof winding through all known conspiracy theories and flaky belief systems at an alarmingly frantic rate and then also automatically friend these profiles as well.  No human could get through the workload that these bot profiles were managing.

I was shocked, my theory on co-opting the new age and conspiracy movement for the Trump election campaign seemed to be proving itself true to me right in front of my eyes in bot form.  But that’s when things actually went dark.  Just as the Mueller Investigation was ramping up, Mass Planner announced to its customers that it was, in fact, going dark and accepting no new customers.  It also released an email that ominously stated that if you used the app you should tell no one.  Obviously, they had something they wanted to hide.

And if you are in any doubt about what the potential power of this application was and it’s fiscal efficiency, well.  In its’ last incarnation you could buy a license to run 500 twitter accounts for £100.  For this, you would also need remote server space which could be purchased separately and you could also contact Mass Planner to purchase a license for more than 500 accounts personally.  Who the hell would need 500 or more Twitter profiles?


What a sneaky way to game yourself 41 million followers on Twitter, eh?

I wonder if it’s legal.  And I wonder who was really behind it?

Probably just another case of collusion delusion.

Infowars Audience Refuses to Take Alex Jones’ Bait on Antifa

infowars poll3
Alex Jones communicates with off world entities to bring you the latest on the Las Vegas Massacre

Despite a whole week of Infowars and Alex Jones trying to force the narrative that Las Vegas gunman, Stephen Paddock, was radicalised by Antifa and that investigators found both Antifa literature and flags in the apartment where he shot himself dead after committing the atrocity, only 7% of visitors to Infowars website who took part in a poll believe Jones’ spin they were responsible.

Those who are looking for hope that it means Infowars fans are becoming more objective in their opinions shouldn’t let their hopes be raised too soon though.  15% of respondents believed that ISIS was responsible, 8% thought it was “just some crazy guy,” 5% thought he committed the act because “he hated Trump supporters” and a whopping 54% thought “he was a patsy and that there were multiple shooters.”

infowars poll
Poll results from the Infowars’ forensics lab

Only 10% of respondents took the sober approach and responded with “don’t know,” which means some 90% of Infowars followers think they know why the massacre occurred, plenty of meat for Jones to get his teeth into.

True to form, Jones responded by posting an article on Infowars entitled “EXPERTS CONFIDENT THERE WERE MULTIPLE SHOOTERS AT VEGAS MASSACRE.”  Although the expert Jones interviewed added a rather large caveat, “I will get this caveat out there that it’s very important to be accurate… echoes are very confusing, and hearing anything through a microphone is confusing.”

So now Jones appears to be crowdsourcing motives and giving his audience what they want, even if it may not have much, or in fact any basis in truth.

The prize for the best recent response to Jones antics over the Las Vegas Massacre, however, goes to “pby1000” from the subreddit r/conspiracy who had this to say about reports in The Sun on Sunday that she met Stephen Paddock on a number of occasions when he engaged in violent sex with her and also confided that he had “bad blood” and thought 9/11 was an inside job…..

“Man, this is a tough one. Who do we believe? Alex Jones or a Las Vegas prostitute?

Is there any difference between the two?

I suppose the CIA/FBI can pay a prostitute to say anything they want.

I suppose the CIA/FBI can pay Alex Jones to say anything they want.

It is a toss up!”

Officially well done!

infowars poll2

Has Infowars’ Alex Jones become the Ultimate Patsy of the Las Vegas Massacre?

Alex Jones, Armchair Detective

After a week of spewing countless conspiracy theories regarding the motives of the Las Vegas gunman, Stephen Paddock, the yarns that Infowars’ Alex Jones has been spinning in support of his obviously faux Trumpian worldview have started to come crashing down.

A prostitute who claims to have taken part in violent sexual trysts with Paddock says the gunman would take her back to his hotel room to act out rape fantasies when he had a winning streak.  She also revealed that she thought him to be a paranoid obsessive who bought into conspiracy theories, including the belief that 9/11 was an inside job.

The latter belief dovetails quite accurately with the mindset of Alex Jones and begs the question, was Paddock actually a follower of Infowars, and did Jones’ continual pushing of a new civil war in the United States push Paddock over a line where he ended up committing an atrocity?


The readers’ comments section of Infowars have for many years been full of violent threats and new civil war fantasies and on a live stream on the Friday before the attack, Jones himself was spinning a number of broad predictions about a forthcoming event which could occur in October or November or maybe in December and also lead to civil war.  As always, Jones made the predictions purposely vague and broad, spanning a number of events over a number of months in the hope of pulling a rabbit out of the hat if some horrific event occurred.  He made particular mention of a terror attack that would be pinned on a ‘right-wing patsy.’

The interesting thing here is that now an attack has happened, Jones is doing his all-out best to try and frame the perpetrator as a left-wing member of Antifa who at the same time is a Muslim extremist also affiliated to ISIS.  However, none of the evidence so far shows that Paddock’s political views were left wing and what morsels of information there are would suggest that probably isn’t the case.

An acquaintance of Paddock who met him on a number of occasions suggested that he was ‘conservative’ and obsessed with guns and now we have another source of information, the anonymous prostitute, saying that he also thought 9/11 was an inside job.  The prostitute also claimed Paddock told her that he had ‘bad blood,’ which is presumably a reference to his father who was a bank robber and also thought to be a psychopath.  This fits completely with the profile of many regular users of the Infowars comments section if you are to take their violent, paranoid braggings at face value.

Inside Job
Infowars’ bumper sticker

All this could lead us to a conclusion that would be Alex Jones worst nightmare.  That being, he was correct in his prediction that a right wing gun nut would commit an atrocity but he may not have been a patsy and for some reason, he chose to attack a festival where there would be many lovers of all things Americana, especially guns, perhaps in order to help trigger the new civil war – which Jones has been so enthusiastically cheerleading – after listening to Jones’ broadcasts?

And it could be that the ultimate patsy here could actually end up being Alex Jones, whose ‘sources’ he claims have told him that Stephen Paddock recently converted to Islam (he used a holiday shot of Paddocks partner Marilou Danley on a beach in Dubai to ‘prove’ this) and also that the apartment where Paddock carried out the shooting was covered in Antifa literature and flags.

This holiday shot is Alex Jones ‘proof’ that Stephen Paddock was radicalized by ISIS. Lame!

Could it be state actors were awaiting an event such as this to goad Jones into crazier and crazier outbursts by posing as sources of credible information to Jones (the bar isn’t high there) to the point where inevitable calls are made for heavier regulation on the ability to post freely on the internet, which is a cause that Donald Trump has championed?

Will Jones fetish for turning the fear porn dial up to eleven, end up becoming the murder of the goose that laid his golden internet egg.

Has he immanentized his own personal eschaton?

Ex-Employees of Infowars Expose Alex Jones as a Dangerous Fraud (Video)

A video has emerged on youtube of ex-employees of Alex Jones, all exposing Jones as a manipulative, underhand fraud who has become even more unhinged since Donald Trump was elected president.  Even conspiracy theorist David Icke gets in on the action, alluding to Jones as being part of the problem that he initially claimed to be fighting.

David Icke alludes to Infowars’ Alex Jones being a fraud during interview

One ex-employee even darkly reveals she has been subject to threats since leaving infowars and doesn’t want to break her non-disclosure agreement as “she has a family.”

Icke says some of the audience of the alternative media may be confused by the support Trump is receiving from organs that have become ultra-right wing since the Trump phenomenon began.

We here at will work to help ease that confusion, by documenting in an ongoing series of articles how tried and tested brainwashing techniques have been used in a decade or more long psyop, involving witting and unwitting dupes, with the purpose of sowing chaos and social unrest and possibly even civil war in the United States and further afield.

Update: August 26th 2021

Over the last month or so, I have noticed a number of views of this article coming from plainly anti-semitic websites, so a bit of context is required regarding the reasoning for this article.

The narrator of the above video plainly states on a number of occasions that Alex doesn’t go after Israel. Where infowars is concerned, this is not something I have ever monitored on the daily shows.

However this is what I wrote in a previous article (The Strange Relationship of Infowars’ Alex Jones, Donald Trump and Roger Stone) regarding the comments section of infowars, where anti-semtism was an accepted hobby for many contributors, certainly up until 2016:

“A quick scan of the comments section of ‘news’ articles, reveals the type of viewpoints the operation serves to be fomenting, a sickly soup of hate, racism, misogyny and stupidity. In this section, even Jones himself is not immune from charges of being a paid CIA shill, a puppet of the Zionists and an apologist for the state of Israel and Jews in general.”

It should be noted that when Alex Jones off-loaded the majority of his staff who held held hardcore anti-Israel sentiment, the anti-semitic commentary on articles more or less disappeared.

From this, one can only conclude that Alex Jones was happy to have the anti-semitic hate fest bublling away in the comments below his articles when it was helping bring in the dollars from Tangy Tangerine and the other products he was hawking back in the day. But with the advent of Trump and increased scrutiny from a wider audience, Jones was swift to jettison the Israel haters/anti semites from his staff and below the line, by hook or by crook

Current viewers of infowars and Alex Jones should be aware of this part of Jones’ history, whether they be sympathetic to Israel or not, in order to understand just what types of hate Jones is willing to tolerate and cultivate as an audience, in his quest to sell more crap and gain more prominence.

To paraphrase John Ronson – people such as Alex Jones should not be allowed anywhere near the leavers of power.

Infowars Invert Reality to Push False Las Vegas Gunman Narratives

Infowars have become so desperate in their attempts to push false narratives in their search to prove Alex Jones on-air brain fart assumptions regarding the motives of Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock, that they are taking headlines and information from the MSM and completely inverting them

Infowars use NBC article title and then reverse the storyline to ‘prove’ their version of events

Infowars have become so desperate in their attempts to push false narratives in their search to prove Alex Jones on-air brain fart assumptions regarding the motives of Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock, that they are taking headlines and information from the MSM and completely inverting them and publishing them as ‘proof’ of their version of events on their website.

An Infowars article concerning the massacre that appeared on their website on October 6th, 2017 was headlined “INVESTIGATORS PROBING WHETHER OTHERS WERE IN LAS VEGAS GUNMAN’S SUITE.”  The subheading to the Infowars article then asserted “Phone charger doesn’t match Paddock’s cell phone, garage records show car gone buy [sic] room key card used.”  Putting aside the atrocious use of English and the spelling mistake, the Infowars article would lead you to believe that investigators were under the impression that someone else’s cell phone, other than Stephen Paddock’s was found in the room.

By clicking on the source that Infowars used for this story, a completely different narrative, at odds with the one Infowars are pushing becomes apparent.  Infowars use an NBC article as source material for this story and the article used is indeed entitled “Investigators Probing Whether Others Were in Las Vegas Gunman’s Suite,” on google search.

Google search results matching infowars headline

Clicking on the NBC link provided on the Infowars article, however, reveals a somewhat different version of events to the one Infowars give.  Far from the narrative that is given in the Infowars article which states “a charger was found that does not match any of the cell phones that belonged to Stephen Paddock, the man who killed himself inside the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino after sending a barrage of bullets down on a crowd,” the NBC article is actually entitled “Police ‘Confident’ No One Else in Shooter’s Room Before Las Vegas Attack.”

The actual article infowars were using as a ‘source.’

The NBC article goes on to explain “Earlier, senior law enforcement sources said investigators were puzzled by a charger that did not appear to match any of Paddock’s cellphones. Police have now been able to match all of the cell phone chargers found in the room with multiple cell phones that Paddock had with him.”

Infowars “weird trick” used to push their false narrative in this article is to quote a headline and one part of a paragraph of the NBC article and then insert their own BS into the storyline to try to give it some semblance of credibility, i.e. an MSM source.

The Infowars article also stated that “garage records show that during a period when Paddock’s car left the hotel garage, one of his key cards was used to get into his room,” leading to you the impression that this was part of the NBC article, when the article actually states “police don’t believe anyone entered the room at Mandalay Bay prior to the shooting carried out by Stephen Paddock Sunday night.”

This all leads to the question as to why Infowars and Alex Jones are so desperate to foist their own false narratives onto this tragedy.  The answer probably lies in the fact that in his desperation to push the fear porn narrative that helps boost his sales operation, Jones has probably realised that this jaunt along the highway of insanity is going to lose him his credibility (such as it is) among the conspiracy community forever (and that’s saying something!)

Come on Alex, give us some real hard evidence other than desperate bullshit?


Thought not!

Infowars’ Alex Jones Reverses Stance on Militarized Police Vehicles

For many years, Infowars’ owner Alex Jones and their idiot-at-large, Paul Joseph Watson, have been scaring their readers with the phenomenon of U.S. state police departments buying ex-military equipment to ‘help’ police the streets with.


Anyone in their right mind would be worried about their local police department buying armored trucks and grenade launchers to patrol the streets, right?  Surely it sends the message that the police are some sort of occupying force of the state, rather than a service to keep you safe and allow the everyday citizen to go about his or her business without being unduly distressed by the reckless acts of others, doesn’t it?

Infowars’ Idiot-at-Large Paul Joseph Watson prepares for the money shot

The 1033 program otherwise known as the U.S. Government’s Defense Logistics Agency Disposition Services (DLA) which was signed into law by President Clinton in 1996 allowed local police departments to stock up with items such as armoured vehicles and presumably lessened the load on over-bloated federal spending by allowing state departments to take up some of the slack.

It also gave the impression that local law enforcement was actually a quasi-military operation and with the police operations carried out in the wake of the Boston bombings, in 2013, and the Ferguson unrests of 2014, President Obama was nudged into ending the program when the whole world was exposed to what looked like martial law type operations being carried out by local law enforcement.

Whilst civil liberties groups had long expressed concern regarding the 1033 program, one media outlet, in particular, was full of rage regarding the program and you’ve probably guessed that it was Alex Jones’ Infowars who were telling their audience that the program was ‘proof’ that the government were on a course to introducing martial law, grabbing your guns, poisoning your children with vaccines and poisoning you with chemicals being sprayed from military and passenger jet planes.

Back in December 2014, Infowars helped organise a protest against militarised police vehicles on the streets in Spokane, Washington.  They lead with the headline “Police Military Vehicles Reveal The Secret War On Constitutionalists.”

In fact, the militarization of police departments was one of Infowars favourite subjects to ‘prove’ to its audience that the government was coming for them in 2014.

Infowars lead on story protesting police use of military vehicles

Another article screamed “SAN DIEGO SCHOOL POLICE GIVEN MINE-RESISTANT MILITARY VEHICLE BY PENTAGON,” and was subheaded, “Militarization of everyday life.”  Another article in 2014 was jubilantly entitled “CALIFORNIA POLICE DEPARTMENT ORDERED TO GET RID OF MRAP MILITARY VEHICLE,” in the wake of the Ferguson unrest.

Another infowars story protesting used of militarized police vehicles

And it wasn’t just in 2014 that Infowars was sounding the warning of militarized police units on the streets.  In 2009 they led with “ANOTHER POLICE DEPARTMENT GETS MILITARY VEHICLE.”

So, as you can see, having militarized police vehicles on the streets is something that Alex Jones and his Infowars team have steadfastly stood against, as it goes against the ethics of local policing in the U.S.


Or that is, it did go against Alex Jones ethics until August 28th, 2017, when, guess what happened?

On August 28th, 2017, when Hurricane Harvey and the devastation it had wrought in Texas was still dominating the news, Donald Trump quietly signed off on a rollback of the rollback of the 1003 program, meaning, once again, militarized police vehicles would be making their way back onto the streets of Homeland United States.

As Alex Jones had promised his audience to call out Donald Trump when he got things wrong, he got himself straight on air to condemn this authoritarian move that he and his team had protested over many years, right?

Wrong, Alex Jones, in his now familiar routine of finding the most ridiculous ways of explaining Trump’s actions, came up Trumps again, blowing smoke up Trump’s ass and revealing himself to be the true prostitute of Mammon that many have long suspected.

Turns out, Jones now thinks militarized police vehicles are a great thing.

Hypocrite? Much?


I Won’t Tell My Listeners That…..infowars Alex Jones on Bohemian Grove……

When Ronson confronted Jones and asked him why he’d been saying what he had, as he knew that he had not really witnessed a human sacrifice, Jones’ response was allegedly, “Yeah, but I’m not going to tell my listeners that.”

In the video above, British Journalist Jon Ronson recounts how he sneaked into Bohemian Grove with infowars’ Alex Jones to witness the ‘Cremation of Care’ ceremony.  At the climax, Ronson says that a papier mâché doll was thrown onto a fire.  Jones decided that it could have been a live baby.  Shortly after Jones went back on his radio show to tell his listeners what he had(‘nt) seen, an armed gunman showed up at Bohemian Grove wanting to shoot everyone as he’d been listening to the Alex Jones show and believed what he’d heard.  When Ronson confronted Jones and asked him why he’d been saying what he had, as he knew that he had not really witnessed a human sacrifice, Jones’ response was allegedly, “Yeah, but I’m not going to tell my listeners that.”

Blast Off

As many Alex Jones and infowars followers, ex-followers and car crash enthusiasts will know, the crux of the Jones doctrine is that the government are child-murdering Satanists who want to kill you (a difficult ruse to keep up now his man is the government…..then again…), your family, your friends and everyone else who is not part of the elite, before destroying what is left of the planet and blasting off to off-world colonies in Alpha-Centurai with the help of little green elves who they have contacted while under the influence of the drug DMT, which has also helped them achieve ten times the best orgasm they have ever had for three days straight.

If you are still unaware of Alex Jones and infowars, that may all sound a little crazy to you. You may be even more perturbed to learn that President Trump has been recycling Alex Jones’ talking points throughout his presidential campaign and again on into his White House and one of Trump’s closest allies and friends, Roger Stone worked closely with Jones and the alt-right in order to bypass the mainstream media and connect with the millions who have given up on, or were never interested in the mainstream press, and now get their ‘news’ from wildly partisan and inaccurate websites such as infowars and breitbart.

This is not to say that the mainstream media has got to where it is today by being an upholder of democratic values and speaking truth to and holding to account power.  If that were the case, infowars and breitbart would not exist in anything like the form they do today.  Time and again the press in both the U.S. and the U.K. has been found wanting on the major issues of the day, from the Kennedy assassination through to Waco and 9/11 in the U.S. and in the U.K. police brutality and collusion between the police, state and the press during the 1984-85 miners strike, the Hillsborough Stadium tragedy, 9/11 (again,) the financial crash of 2007, the run-up to the war in Iraq, Libya, Syria and all the stories we should have heard about but didn’t, our mainstream press have mainly abjectly failed in their job to fearlessly report the truth.

The Cracks That Let The Dark Shine Through

Where the cracks have opened in the truth, they have allowed extremists with unpleasant agendas to fill the gaps, reporting what has been missed by the msm whilst attaching their political goals to their reporting as the panacea for all ills afflicting our society.  Rather than examining the threat posed by upstarts such as Alex Jones (who, whatever you think of him, has been singularly driven and ultimately hugely successful in grooming a whole nation in political extremism) they have been dismissed as conspiracy theorists who don’t believe that Sandy Hook happened and that 9/11 was an inside job (any sane, rational person should still be bemused by the events of 9/11 but we don’t need to take on board the wilder flights of fancy about the events of that day to have the lingering suspicion that there are truths still to see the light of day that remain hidden.)

Whilst it is true that Alex Jones indulges in mindless and easily debunked conspiracy guff, it is also true that he covers many stories that are not always flattering to either power or the press in detail.  It just needs enough doubt inserted into a listeners or viewers mind and then maybe they can be coerced into believing wilder and wilder stories.

Had the press actually focused on how and why Jones collects his stories and laid it all out for folks to see, they may have had a better chance at stymieing the rise of Trump and the alt-right.  An educated and efficient investigative reporter follows the evidence to see where it leads.  Alex Jones already knows what the outcome of any investigation is, he just has to find the evidence to fit it, no matter how tenuous that evidence is.  As long as the evidence can somehow fit the narrative that the government is either trying to kill you, trying to poison you or trying to steal your kids to murder for, or during, satanic rituals, it goes in the mix.

This being the case, it is relatively easy to take apart almost any of Jones statements or reporting and show it up for the tissue of lies that it is.

You may be thinking that, well, Jones is just a kook and he surely doesn’t matter now that Trump has been elected?  What this attitude fails to address is that straight after the election, Trump’s friend Roger Stone (of whom more another time) singled out infowars as a ‘template for the future.’  We would also do well to heed the fact that it was Jones who first started calling the MSM ‘fake news’ (unfortunately, on many occasion he has been correct) before Trump was doing so.  Then, we see news outlets such as CNN, The BBC and The Guardian getting in a tizz over being denied entry to Presidential press briefings.

Here’s the thing guys, if you had been doing your job and analyzing what is going on, rather than living in ivory towers of received wisdom, you wouldn’t be shut out of press briefings and I wouldn’t be having to write this.  Do you really want Alex Jones and infowars to be the future of journalism in Trump’s America (you may not have a choice the way things are going!?)

Finding out what is really going on is a dirty job, but someone’s got to do it.

Who is going to get there first, I wonder?

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