Did Donald Trump Even Know the Plan for The January 6 Insurrection?

What you say Don, shall we have an insurrection and use it as a cover to declare a national emergency and re-run the election under martial law?”

It Couldn't Happen Here
It Couldn't Happen Here
Sun Trine Moon

If the coup plotters thought they had the support of some of the military, and enough protesters on the ground on the day of January 6 twenty twenty-one, would they have even needed to tell Donald Trump exactly what they were plotting in advance?

In fact with his record of not keeping quiet about anything, surely it would have been too risky.

As William Burroughs might have said:

“The best real estate agent, is the real estate agent that doesn’t know he’s an agent.”

Easier and more efficient then, to keep whipping up the public hysteria, whilst feeding Trump soundbite suggestions via the news channels which everyone knows he watches obsessively and keep making those suggestions more and more specific to the way you have planned the events to unfold.

Even in meetings with Trump, coup plotters would need to be careful.  Other White House staff could easily overhear them and get word out about the plot.

Yes, of course we all know that Flynn visited The White House in December and put the plans to Trump to enact martial law to re-run the election.

But were they really going to say in The White House:

“Look Don’, we’ve got all these people coming down, Alex Jones at infowars has been whipping them into a revolutionary frenzy over this.  We’ve got his sidekick, that ridiculous Owen Shroyer scheduled in to call for the taking of all Capitol Buildings by force and he’s going to say he hates the police, and they need to get out of our way and stand down.

“We’ve got plenty of military back up, Don.  Plenty of troops with us.

“What you say Don?

“Shall we have an insurrection and use it as a cover to declare a national emergency and re-run the election under martial law?”

No, I think they would need to be somewhat more subtle than that.

In The White House at least.

But not much.

Trump’s presidential advisors talked him out of Flynn’s plan for military rule in the United States, but Flynn’s shenanigans did not stop there, and he continued his media tours of martial law duty.

Michael Flynn’s suggestions as to what Trump should do as the day of January 6 approached, which he shouted from many media outlets, bear particular scrutiny when juxtaposed with the incitement that was occurring in December and early January over at Alex Jones’ infowars outfit.

Perhaps they thought Trump was even more idiotic than the rest of the world thought, and he would take the bait on their hare-brained plot.

And where and with whom did Flynn decide to hold his final major media appearance on January 5th, twenty twenty-one?

You guessed it, Alex Jones’ infowars.

It really doesn’t take a genius to work this stuff out.

But then again, it is the United States.

And a nod is as good as a wink to a blind man.

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