FBI Miss Clues of Possible Illegal Conspiracy on January 6th

…..When Alex Jones interviewed Michael Flynn for infowars on January 5th, 2021, Flynn said the following: We are essentially in a national emergency which the president has already declared”

It Couldn't Happen Here
Alex Jones and Owen Shroyer together
I Smell Conspiracy – or has Owen Shroyer Sharted?

Listen to Owen Shroyer stoke the insurrection on December 21st, 2020, here

Yesterday at rebelinfo.com, we asked some questions that may be important, or perhaps shouldn’t be asked at all.

Or, as some would have it, are just plain ridiculous because they are illegal and “nothing works like that.”

Remember, plotting a coup is illegal, and nothing works like that.

There couldn’t have been a conspiracy to stage a coup because Alex Jones is dumb, some said.

The FBI has not yet confirmed if Alex Jones is dumb, or whether there had or had not been an order to Alex Jones from The White House, before, during, or after Trump’s glorious call for his supporters to flush their way down Pennsylvania Avenue and defecate on the floors of the Capitol building.

It is said, by none other than Jones himself (and who would not believe him?) that The White House contacted him personally to bestow on him the title of The Pie Piper, Lord Jones of the Defecants (great DJ name, he could drop the splatters that matter!) and decreed he should lead thousands of people, many of whom he and his side-kicks had been whipping into a revolutionary frenzy for years, and just skirt by the Capitol building and call them off before anything completely inevitable ever happened.

Let’s not ignore the fact that Alex Jones could have been a patsy here.  He could have been that dumb as to believe he was leading an important peaceful mission on behalf of the president himself.

It would not have been difficult for The White House contact (if there was such a contact and that is who it was) to appeal to Jones over-inflated ego and send him ahead of his acolytes and the assorted gathered various cells of domestic mother’s clubs, telling Jones he must save the day and turn away from the Capitol building at the last moment.

Jones ego is likely large enough to believe he could pull off such a feat, and his White House handler knew this.

Only problem being – scrub that – one of the problems with this theory is that Alex Jones is well aware of the 3.5% rule.

Another problem is that as Jones and his researchers endlessly scan media for any of grunt or growl that may look as if it may hang out with the “one world government,” Jones would already be aware he and his cohorts’ constant inflammatory diatribes were spilling over into real world violence.

It Couldn't Happen Here
Sun Trine Moon

Jones has read too much about brainwashing and manipulation not to know the effects of what he is doing.

And besides, there is Waco to avenge.

Just like the school child run out his hometown by a dark, imaginary conspiracy of narco-cops, David Koresh was singled out for being an individual, an outsider with messianic qualities and a fuck load of weaponry.

We will not ponder the machinations that led to the Waco massacre in this article.

We will, however, ponder the imprint that event left on a narcissistic fantasist with a grudge against society. A grudge that propelled him deep into his own shadow, in his unconscious yearning to manifest in and through his own self the authority figure that he thought he was fighting against.

We will ponder.

If only for a moment.

And then there’s Alex Jones with Michael Flynn.

But first, let’s hear what Michael Flynn was encouraging Donald Trump to do back on December 3rd, 2020, according to independent.co.uk :

“A day after Mr Flynn tweeted out the calls for martial law, Mr Trump published a 46-minute video to Facebook calling on the Supreme Court to overturn the results in the key swing states that delivered the projected victory to the Democrats.

“He also suggested a “re-vote” be held, as had been suggested in the ad on Tuesday that called for the military to run the re-lection.

“When the legislators, courts…

…….and/or Congress…………

……..fail to do their duty under the 12th Amendment, you must be ready Mr President to immediately declare a limited form of Martial Law, and temporarily suspend the Constitution and civilian control of these federal elections, for the sole purpose of having the military oversee a national re-vote,” the ad said.”

This was the trigger for the Manchurian Presidential Candidate.

When Alex Jones interviewed Michael Flynn for infowars on January 5th, 2021, Flynn said the following:

“We are essentially in a national emergency which the president has already declared, he just has to decide whether to execute some of those procedures that are well within his authority.”

I wonder what Alex Jones was saying on his infowars radio show back on December 20th, 2020?

Shall we have a listen?

Of course, none of what has been said in this article can be true. 

Things just don’t work like that.

It’s illegal!

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