British Military Afghanistan Veteran Makes Good Point

I can agree with most of this. Apart from….

An article on The Guardian Website today features an interview with with Drew Elder, who served 18 years in the Royal Regiment of Scotland, including in Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan. He makes a good point:

“He said: “I wasn’t surprised to see the Taliban take over. Most people there are either supportive or scared of them.”

The Scot, who now works as a truck driver, feels jaded about the UK’s involvement in Afghanistan. “It’s a pointless episode. It feels like, what was the point? I don’t see why we were there in the first place. We have a lot of cheek to go and fix another country when our own country’s broken; the national debt, politics is a shambles. Everybody lies, it’s just who lies the least.”

‘It’s shameful’: largest British army garrison in despair over Afghanistan

I can agree with most of this. Apart from, it’s who lies the least. Who were the people that led us into Afghanistan and for some reason Iraq?

Were they the smallest liars?

And then, people choose to boot out those liars, and replace them with even bigger liars.

Quite simply, I believe, it’s who’s prepared to lie the most.

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