Downturn in UK Covid Cases Points Sharply Towards Transmission In Schools

The reasons for increased rates of transmission of Covid tend to vary from country to country.

They all, however, have one thing in common.

They tend to increase where people gather.

All gatherings, are however, not equal.

Gatherings inside, tend to increase risk.

Large meetings outside in the correct conditions could possibly produce a micro-climate,

It has been noted by newslets outside the UK that COVID infections increased massively in the KINGDOM, when schools returned in the Autumn of 2020.

Indian media is a case in point.

Conversely, in the UNITED KINGDOM in Autumn, and late Summer, British ministers were gung-ho about children being sent back to school.

If you are British, and not a foreign news outlet, you might have trouble recalling what happened following the school return due to noise being made by suspect actors.

We’ve more important things to worry about.

Locating the vector between British schools and the Indian outbreak is of utmost importance. Although the variants differ in some ways, transmission is likely uniform.

Sanitation is an interesting concern.

The 2021 summer term for school children in the UK, for all intents and purposes, ended a week or more early as so many pupils and teachers were diagnosed and/or isolating.

The reduction in schooling attendance cast against the reduction in Covid cases appears so glaring, it can only confirm what many foreign media outlets had previously suspected.

COVID transmisision in the UK is being driven by the school-going population.

The interesting thing with a pandemic is that we all have our own anecdotal evidence.

Our ability to processs that evidence is the problem.

Or perhaps, the medium we have to process the evidence is the problem.


No Body,

Is perfect.

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