KW Miller, Qanonsense, Beyonce, Satanism & Trump

In the United States, large amorphous entities of often unknown origin and financing have been waging psychological warfare against those least capable of withstanding the attack:

Idiots with primitive beliefs and cell phones

The Psychogenesis Way

It wasn’t long ago when much of the writing in this and related blogs, recounted tales of horror in mostly remote villages in what might be sometimes called “undeveloped” nations.

Victims, mostly women, are accused of witchcraft, often when a tragedy befell an individual, causing relatives of the individual to find a scapegoat. The pattern is familliar in most cases in that the scapegoat is accused of witchcraft and being believed to be in control of some supernatural powers.

Quite often the victim is then murdered in revenge.

Even more often lynched.

A recent example featured a man who cut off his aunts head, believeing her to be a witch and then walking a great distance to hand himself and his aunt’s head in at the nearest police station.

A police spokesperson said the man did not regret his actions.

However, going largely unnoticed to those documenting the horror of these episodes and the crimes enacted by those poor, remote viillagers with “primitive beliefs” has been what has been happening closer to home with poorly educated individuals with primitive beliefs in the United States.

For the last decade and more it turns out that a combination of “primitive beliefs” and obsession of being at the behest of “dark satanic forces” has been at the forefront of political messaging in the USA.

The villagers in the remote villages scrutinized by armchair anthropologists, have little in the way of telecommunication hardware at their disposal, hence they are prone to act irrationally only within their loosely shared local reality consensus (conditioning).

However, in the United States, large amorphous entities of often unknown origin and financing have been waging psychological warfare against those least capable of withstanding the attack:

Idiots with primitive beliefs and cell phones.

If it was indeed Vladimir Putin’s idea to harness the power of the unfathomable depth of American stupidity, in order to make the United States eat itself to the edge of destruction, it will surely make a better movie than Charlie Wilson’s War.

A possible lead in any dramtization of the farce that has become U.S. politics will surely be the recently arrived candidate for U.S. office in Florida, K W Miller.

Miller is currently important only as far as what might follow him. Then again, maybe stranger things have occurred in United States politics.

Like electing an imbecile for president (pick your favorite!)

Miller has burst into the worldwide spotlight simply by running for office and spouting crazed ranting from the adult roleplaying game for contestants with the comprehension skills of less than an 11yr old, Qanon.

The Psychogenesis Way

Qanon works on the same principal as the “Garlic Detective ” in the obscure book by Jack Ensign Eddington, “100 Mind Power.”

Qanon devotees see Satanism, Anarchism and Communism (all interchangeable ideologies in the eyes of the Qanonces) everywhere. Whether it is there or not.

The tale of the “Garlic Detective” as recounted by Ensign Addington, tells of a family friend who fears eating food just about anywhere in case garlic in any form is added to the meal.

The interesting observation Ensign Addington makes is that often when it was known no garlic whatsoever was in the meal, the family friend became sick just by the thought there may be some there.

(You can purchase 100% Mindpower by Jack Ensign Addington by following this link)

It is recommended that you practice all exercises in this book for a minimum of eight weeks and take with a huge pinch of salt any theorizing behind them.

Then tear out all the pages with the exercise instructions for further reference and donate the remaining book with pages to a local religious secondhand bookstore.

So, anyway, back to KW Miller. Miller has “outraged critics” by announcing on Twitter that:

And further more:

So clearly Miller is tapping into the mental illness produced by years of brainwashing in the audiences of Alex Jones and the realisation by the Russian Internet Research Agency that they could seriously float the flat earth theory once again in the United States and that it would gain traction. Truly Qanon cannot really even be described as a fringe belief any more. It’s mainstream and there are people in your street who “believe” it. However, there is a sinister cookie cutter template of profiles appearing on Twitter all pushing the Qanonsense.

It is quite clear that the average Trump supporter would not be capable of producing some of the visual motiffs appearing on these Qanon cut-outs but they are appearing in large number in fairly identical form.

Who is making them?

Who do they represent?

Is Miller a comedian with a parody account. Or is he a genius who has realised the whole of U.S. politics is one big parady account and is feasting on the massacre?

Has he been sent by Democrat agents to split the Trump vote?

And who is Q?

Is it Putin destroying America with it’s own stupidity?

Is it me carrying out a festering vendetta?

Don’t sweat the details. Don’t give it traction.

Find the actors and their motivation.

Be seeing you.


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