Infowars Claim George Floyd Funeral “Satanic Black Magic Ritual”

On Wednesday June 10th on his War Room Infowars Show, Fratboy Shroyer didn’t hesitate for a moment to get straight into fear whoring by using Alex Jones favorite snake oil routine

Alex Jones and Owen Shroyer together

Yup. It’s infowars time again folks.

This time it’s the return of ridiculous fratboy and Alex Jones boot licker, Owen Shroyer, who’s pushing theories so repugnant and offensive, if there is a god, he’ll no doubt be struck down.

And if there isn’t and karma exists, make no mistake, some nasty heavy shit is headed his way.

May he live in interesting times.

Owen Shroyer and Alex Jones Together
Shroyer – He’s even a bad smell under Alex Jones nose

So what has Shroyer – whose pathetic, wankboy Trump tattoo positioned square on his back, suggests he’s trying to channel the spirit of Roger Stone before he is even dead – done to offend most peoples’ intelligence and sense of decency?

On Wednesday June 10th on his War Room Infowars Show, Fratboy Shroyer didn’t hesitate for a moment to get straight into fear whoring by using Alex Jones favorite snake oil routine. Shroyer informed his audience that between now and the November 2020 election, a panic worse than the onset of the “fake pandemic” (yup) when food supplies ran low and toilet paper ran out would occur.

This, of course, means folk need to stock up on emergency food supplies and where better to do so than the infowars store?

For the uninitated, the snake oil sales routine introduces a problem that doesn’t exist but may sound plausible to the audience, however deluded, and then introduces a cure which makes the mark feel like they’ve overcome the dilemma or malady.

Listen to the audio clip below and hear for yourself…….

And of course, Shroyer can’t resist the opportunity to encourage believers to stock up, nay double up on “ammo.” Got to be ready for the inevitable Jim Jones, Apocalypse Now, self-immolation finale to the biggest experiment in brainwashing yet conceived:

Thee Master Magickians Ov Bar Snooker Are Coming

Sick fuck. However you sleep, sleep not well.

Shroyer’s main event though, was about as low as he has ever gone.

Shoyer introduces his “piece” on the George Floyd funeral by saying he was so amazed by the “hilarity” of it that he missed something obvious.

And what was that obvious thing that he missed?

Why, of course, he missed the fact that the casket of Floyd was empty (there is no way of telling this from the video) which of course means that the whole funeral was “Black Satanic Magick.”

Listen to the audio clip below….

Floyd Funeral “Black Satanic Magic”


As if Trumps’ “Great Day For George” insult was not enough, Shroyer has to try and please his master by pushing the sickness even further.

Is there no length this sick idiot will not go to try and impress Alex Jones for a pat on the head and who knows what else?

It should be noted that as infowars have been dialling up the satanic panic over the last week or so, many christian online publications have been even more full than usual of details of Satans’ current work in the United States.

It seems like, in fact, these people know Satan better than they know themselves.

It’s not Satan of course. These poor individuals are just being enveloped by their shadow self which consists of all the hatred and dark repressed experience and desires they project onto others but act out themselves.

If you are just such a “god fearing person” read up on the story of Jim Jones. Because you are now approaching your final chapter.

And there ain’t no tribulation.

“Those who do not remember their past…..”

Be seeing you!

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