Conservative Leadership Candidate Brexit Truth Shocker

In a shocking development a candidate for the Conservative leadership has told his own party and the British public at large a fact about Brexit that probably resembles something approaching the truth.

Rory Stewart, who unlike all the other candidates actually appears to have lived a life, walked his talk and has a tongue that actually says something worth listening to, rather than using it to kiss Donald Trump’s backside has stated something that, whilst it might be common knowledge elsewhere, is having a hard time registering with the Tory faithful.

Stewart told the BBC that any candidate for Tory leader “promising to renegotiate by October was effectively committing to leaving without a deal, because it was impossible.

So there you have it Boris Johnson and Co’s leadership pitches are hurtling the UK to a no-deal disaster by promising the impossible.

Boris Johnson – Beware those who seek monsters…..

So, who is Rory Stewart exactly?

According to Wikipedia, Stewart was a coalition official in Iraq in 2003–04.He is known for his book about this experience, Occupational Hazards or The Prince of the Marshes, and for his 2002 walk across Afghanistan (part of a larger walk across Asia), which served as the basis for his bestseller, The Places in Between, as well as his later cultural development work in Afghanistan as executive chairman of the British charity Turquoise Mountain Foundation.

So this guy sounds like he has some balls as well. And he’s listening to people and trying to give them some truth. Which is probably why he is a 25-1 outsider for the Tory leadership.

Shame, he sounds like the most interesting guy they have.

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