The Real Tyranny Begins: FBI Use Infowars as “Evidence” to Jail Innocent Activist

Lost It
Alex Jones – Self-professed “ugly human centipede”

The FBI has cited a video aired on conspiracy theorist and Trump stooge Alex Jones’ Infowars as a reason to incarcerate an innocent activist who had ties to black activist groups.

Rakem Balogun’s house was raided by the FBI on the 12th December 2017 when he and his 15-year-old son were forced outside of their Dallas home in only their underwear.

Balogun spent five months in prison and lost his home and more while incarcerated after participating in a rally protesting against law enforcement in Austin, Texas, in March 2015.

The irony is that Alex Jones and Infowars spent years milking the police brutality theme, using it as a scare tactic on their audience to “prove” to them that the United States was a police state and people should be ready to head to the hills to avoid being imprisoned or murdered by their government with the extensive, overpriced “prepping” supplies that both Jones Infowars website and his many advertising affiliates on the site and radio show were pushing.

Turns out the only thing people really needed to be scared of was Jones and Infowars bullshit being taken seriously should someone they backed manage to get into power.

Enter President Trump: The Real Tyranny Begins!

Be Seeing You!

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