Conservative British MP Alleges Conservative Government Brexit Policy Compromised by “Russian Agent”

A “billionaire who founded an influential pro-Brexit thinktank has “a link with Russian intelligence,” according to a report in The Guardian.

Boris Johnson & Michael Gove – Caught colluding with Russian agents over Brexit again?

An MP of the ruling British Conservative government has used parliamentary privilege to allege that a “billionaire who founded an influential pro-Brexit thinktank has “a link with Russian intelligence,” according to a report in The Guardian.

The report goes on to say that Bob Seely MP, used a speech in the House of Commons to suggest that Christopher Chandler, a billionaire who along with his brother made his fortune in Russia in the 1990’s, was previously under investigation by the French DST intelligence agency (the equivalent of UK’s MI5) on suspicion of working for Russian intelligence services.

Seely said he had seen the DST files, along with four other UK MP’s and he was convinced the files were genuine.

It just “oh-so-coincidentally” turns out that Chandler founded a Pro-Brexit lobby group, The Legatum Institute which has been lobbying British Government ministers intensely for a “Hard Brexit,” whereby Britain drops out of the EU and EU Customs union completely, falling back on WTO rules and tariffs, which most economists have suggested would be a disaster for the overall British economy.

According to The Guardian report “The Legatum Institute has advocated hard Brexit and has had significant influence on ministerial thinking, especially over trade policy,” and further goes on to allege that according to a Daily Mail investigation last year, the economics director of The Legatum Institute, “Shanker Singham, had met (UK Foreign Office Minister) Boris Johnson and (UK Environment Minister)  Michael Gove, and had coordinated a letter written by them to (UK Prime Minister)  Theresa May demanding a hard Brexit.”

What’s that you say, our old friend Boris Johnson, who had been so quick to paint the Leader of Her Majesties Opposition, Jeremy Corbyn as a communist traitor in a made up story that even Conservative BBC commentator Andrew Neil dismissed as hogwash…..

….has been hob nobbing and deciding Brexit policy with alleged Russian operatives?…….yes, that’s right, the same Boris Johnson who has been at the centre of mysterious claims of meeting with the “Russian Professor” who had links with a supposed plot by Putin to swing the Brexit vote in favour of leave by many nefarious means…..

Yes, that’s it, it’s the same Boris Johnson who finds himself neck deep in Russian plots and intrigue linked to Brexit but instead of looking at himself, he imagines he sees others knee-deep in Russian intrigue everywhere.

So, let’s note another similarity that Johnson shares with his (now, when it suits him) beloved Donald Trump – The ability to project his own reckless and unwise actions onto others that he doesn’t like very much.

Green Skinned Lizard
Boris Johnson – Beware those who seek monsters…..

Time to get a mirror Boris, we’ve all seen ya, it’s time to take a good look at yourself!

Be Seeing You!

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