Reality Alert: Facebook Shared Billions of Propaganda Posts on Behalf of Trump/Brexit


Powerful people understand that people with flaky beliefs, wherever they congregate en-masse, whether that congregation be at their local church, online, or in front of TV screens with their audiences of millions, can be a perfect tool for feeding propaganda to further their political agendas.

I have previously documented elsewhere, how a suspiciously un-organic social media campaign helped propel Donald Trump to become the 45th President of the United States.  The organizers of that campaign used believers in such conspiracies as chemtrails, climate change denial, 9/11 being an inside job and the Queen of England being a satanic child abuser, through to eventually – and if it was a psyop by the Russian’s, one can only imagine the mirth they caused themselves at the FSB when they thought of it – re-introducing the flat-earth theory in the United States, to help push their narratives.

The 9/11 truth movement was the base for the push by these entities into the American mainstream via social-media.  Many of the partakers of the 9/11 truth movement had built massive social media networks over the course of the last decade, networks that far transcended the average social network reach of most individuals.  The average individual would generally have close friends and family in their online social networks, perhaps work colleagues and maybe other local acquaintances and so on.

According to research done by Pew Research Center back in 2014 half of all Facebook users had less than 200 friends and half had more than 200 friends.  The total average number of friends across all Facebook users was 338.  Many of the 9/11 truthers had built up vast networks of “friends” based on nothing more than an interest in contested parts of the official 9/11 narrative.  This was a comparative outsider obsession, although the number of people believing many of the conspiracies around 9/11 was, Facebook-wise, comparatively high, meaning that it was not irregular for people to have someone or even multiple people who believed in 9/11 truth within their Facebook friends.

These individuals often had far in excess of the average 338 Facebook friends reported by Pew Research back in 2014.  In fact, a large percentage of these accounts had social networks extending into many thousands of friends and followers.

(This article does not exist to contest the varying narratives of what happened on 9/11.  Anyone using that as a counterpoint to the main thrust of this article is wilfully misdirecting the reader for a very specific purpose.)

So, even though many of those people who believed/believe in various 9/11 truth narratives may have been drawing their information from highly dubious (or not) sources, it would have gone under the radar for many of their friends.  However, these individuals who had garnered many thousands of 9/11 truth friends, along with their own personal social networks would prove to be an incredibly effective conduit to spread huge amounts of fake news and propaganda for not only the 2016 U.S. presidential election, but also the U.K. Brexit Referendum held earlier that year.

For an entity to co-opt the 9/11 truth supporters facebook networks, they would only have had to make a limited number of profiles that mimicked 9/11 truth subjects initially to gain the trust of others, before starting to change the narrative slowly in their chosen direction.  Mix in a bit of chemtrail nonsense and climate change denial for further authenticity and plausible deniability, (which also have the benefit of furthering the oil baron’s causes, i.e. muddying the waters on pollution from aircraft travel and denying that climate change is caused by humans – policies that, coincidentally, chime exactly with Trump’s modus operandi of playing to big oil interests in both the U.S.A and Russia,) – and bingo, you have a weaponized social media propaganda network that can reach millions within hours.

The Strange Tale
The strange tale of the DUP, Brexit, a mysterious £425,000 donation and a Saudi prince

Although I stated that this could be achieved with relatively small numbers of facebook accounts, the actual evidence is that there were many thousands of accounts being weaponized for use in this way during elections in numerous countries.  By far, the most successful of these ventures were Brexit and Trump.

Back in March of this year, Facebook was denying any type of election manipulation by foreign entities via their platform during the Brexit and U.S. Election 2016 campaigns.

Then, after the ICO in the UK received an anonymous tip-off, Facebook followed with the admission that there had been some, limited, very small scale impropriety by foreign entities in domestic affairs in various countries.  Then a few months later, they admitted that some ads had been purchased by some Russian based entities but it was only a few thousand dollars’ worth.  Then it turned out that Facebook had to admit that these ads had been seen in the U.S. alone, some 127 million times.

Facebook has still not arrived at full disclosure.  When it is realized (or admitted) that fake accounts infiltrated the huge Facebook 9/11 truth movement and other Facebook conspiracy movements (and Christian facebook movements) the amount of times propaganda was seen, (they didn’t even need to be paid adverts, as these accounts were just plugging themselves into these vast online social network movements, that’s how facebook has got away with disclosure,) will move from the hundred or so million admitted by Facebook at the moment, into the billions.  Maybe tens of billions.

One thing is for sure, Facebook are going to have a lot more explaining to do!

And we haven’t even really got going on Twitter yet.  But for anyone that is curious, I suggest you plot a timeline from when this blog exposed Twitter as a conduit for foreign propaganda powered by bot programs, and when the British PM stood up to Putin to say “we know what you are up to.”

Someone, somewhere, isn’t doing their job!


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