MSM Falls for Trump’s Twitter Bait, After Conspiracy of Idiots Fails

The Bait

For much of today, much of the mainstream media has been congratulating itself on its newly discovered insight that Donald Trump is using Twitter as a distraction from what they think is obviously “the next shoe to drop,” in the Trump/Russia scandal.

None of them, of course, have been magnanimous enough to admit that they have drawn this insight from the highly rated Palmer Report blog, which for months has been highlighting the connection between Trump’s Twitter outbursts and upcoming Trump/Russia news and Trump scandals in general.

In fact, the phrase “next shoe to drop” has been lifted straight out of Bill Palmer’s blog by certain MSM personalities, without even a nod and a wink in Palmer Reports’ direction.

Now, personally, I don’t agree with everything I read in Palmer Report.  The fawning adulation for Hillary Clinton and the continual framing of Wikileaks as a “Russian cyber terrorist outfit,” (although I do tend towards the conclusion that the Russians co-opted Assange, based on certain narcissistic tendencies, which to some extent he shares with Trump and Infowars’ Alex Jones,) I’ve found somewhat off-putting, however, when it comes to sharp insight on where the Trump/Russia investigation has been leading, I have to say, more often than not, they’ve been closer than most, so far.

Today, however, the failure of the mainstream press, on both sides of the Atlantic, to notice the nuances (strange word to use here, but these guys must either be dumb, or desperate to jump on to the latest zeitgeist and claim it as theirs,) is nothing short of an egregious dereliction of duty.

And that is exactly what has got them into this whole mess in the first place.

As I reported yesterday, over the weekend a triumvirate of forces came together to try to push a narrative which proclaimed to “expose the enemies of America and teach you how to fight against establishment propaganda and fake news.”

This push was blatantly led by Donald Trump, as he renewed his attack on “fake media,” culminating in his proclamation that there should be a “FAKE NEWS TROPHY” awarded to the media organ which “not including Fox, is the most dishonest, corrupt and/or distorted in its political coverage of your favorite President (me).”

Coincidentally, around the same time (and of course, everything surrounding all Trump’s actions is just pure coincidence,) a woman who was later seen entering the New York offices of Project Veritas, which has managed to carry out sting-operations to “prove” that everyone is lying apart from Donald Trump and his supporters) was attempting to spin a yarn to The Washington Post that she was abused by Roy Moore, in an attempt to discredit the paper, but was caught out lying.

At the same time, Infowars and its host and owner Alex Jones were just ramping up for an unprecedented 34-hour broadcast to expose the MSM as fake news.

So let’s recap this so everyone can understand it.  The major online cheerleader for Donald Trump, Infowars’, who was responsible for pushing Vladimir Putin as a leader of the “free-world” and was instrumental in pushing their millions of online followers for not only voting for Trump, but also flooding the internet with “viral memes of dubious origin” in support of Trump before Election 2016, was just about to embark on a 34-hour broadcast to scapegoat the mainstream media as fake news, at the same time as an outfit that had been part funded by Donald Trump, that Infowars’ had hosted multiple times and portrayed as a reliable news source (ha, )was conducting a fake sting operation against The Washington Post, in order to discredit and smear them to try to improve the chances of alleged sexual abuser Roy Moore winning his bid for a seat in the Senate.

And at the same time this was going on, Donald Trump was grandstanding about awarding a “FAKE NEWS TROPHY.”

In the U.K. Trump diverted attention by retweeting posts from an account owned by a leader of the failed far right-wing loser of Britain First, Jayda Fransen.  Here are some of Fransen’s friends in action in the U.K. scamming money from the public that they say is going to help British troops returning from Afghanistan, when they are really using it to line their own pockets.  And they manage to abuse a British service veteran holding them to account and filming them in the process of their thievery.  Real classy Donald…..

…..classy, but it doesn’t really match being the supposed leader of the free world and conspiring with a bunch of idiot goons in a last-gasp attempt to save your failing presidency.

And in The United States, he turned it all back to Obama’s birth certificate.

That’s the best he’s got.

But the MSM have still missed the real story.  Losers.

Be Seeing You!

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