Ex-Employees of Infowars Expose Alex Jones as a Dangerous Fraud (Video)

A video has emerged on youtube of ex-employees of Alex Jones, all exposing Jones as a manipulative, underhand fraud who has become even more unhinged since Donald Trump was elected president.  Even conspiracy theorist David Icke gets in on the action, alluding to Jones as being part of the problem that he initially claimed to be fighting.

David Icke alludes to Infowars’ Alex Jones being a fraud during interview

One ex-employee even darkly reveals she has been subject to threats since leaving infowars and doesn’t want to break her non-disclosure agreement as “she has a family.”

Icke says some of the audience of the alternative media may be confused by the support Trump is receiving from organs that have become ultra-right wing since the Trump phenomenon began.

We here at rebelinfo.com will work to help ease that confusion, by documenting in an ongoing series of articles how tried and tested brainwashing techniques have been used in a decade or more long psyop, involving witting and unwitting dupes, with the purpose of sowing chaos and social unrest and possibly even civil war in the United States and further afield.

Update: August 26th 2021

Over the last month or so, I have noticed a number of views of this article coming from plainly anti-semitic websites, so a bit of context is required regarding the reasoning for this article.

The narrator of the above video plainly states on a number of occasions that Alex doesn’t go after Israel. Where infowars is concerned, this is not something I have ever monitored on the daily shows.

However this is what I wrote in a previous article (The Strange Relationship of Infowars’ Alex Jones, Donald Trump and Roger Stone) regarding the comments section of infowars, where anti-semtism was an accepted hobby for many contributors, certainly up until 2016:

“A quick scan of the comments section of infowars.com ‘news’ articles, reveals the type of viewpoints the operation serves to be fomenting, a sickly soup of hate, racism, misogyny and stupidity. In this section, even Jones himself is not immune from charges of being a paid CIA shill, a puppet of the Zionists and an apologist for the state of Israel and Jews in general.”

It should be noted that when Alex Jones off-loaded the majority of his staff who held held hardcore anti-Israel sentiment, the anti-semitic commentary on articles more or less disappeared.

From this, one can only conclude that Alex Jones was happy to have the anti-semitic hate fest bublling away in the comments below his articles when it was helping bring in the dollars from Tangy Tangerine and the other products he was hawking back in the day. But with the advent of Trump and increased scrutiny from a wider audience, Jones was swift to jettison the Israel haters/anti semites from his staff and below the line, by hook or by crook

Current viewers of infowars and Alex Jones should be aware of this part of Jones’ history, whether they be sympathetic to Israel or not, in order to understand just what types of hate Jones is willing to tolerate and cultivate as an audience, in his quest to sell more crap and gain more prominence.

To paraphrase John Ronson – people such as Alex Jones should not be allowed anywhere near the leavers of power.


2 thoughts on “Ex-Employees of Infowars Expose Alex Jones as a Dangerous Fraud (Video)”

  1. Alex Jones will take a element of truth and wrap a massive lie around it. When you point to the lie Alex will point to the element of truth and say ” Are you telling me this didn’t happen. He has done that from day one. He is not that clever .


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